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Craft Beer, Content, Community.

Welcome to House Enterprise, the overarching structure to the ideas of Will Tondo and Jake Zimmer. House Enterprise is an entertainment media group headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.  Our goal is to provide a memorable experience for all we encounter - podcast listeners, craft beer drinkers, fans at a live sports event, or subjects in a photograph. Explore the site to see who we are and what we have to offer and remember,


The House Always Wins 

 Will and Jake

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College friends, fraternity brothers, world travelers, roommates, and now business partners. Will Tondo and Jake Zimmer have been brainstorming ideas since they met in 2016.


With many different skillsets between them and two minds full of passion, these two wanted to take their dreams and turn them into realities. House Enterprise is the overarching structure of the ideas of Will and Jake. 

 Follow House Enterprise along their journey, and remember, #TheHouseAlwaysWins. Cheers!

Meet the Founders

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