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1/30: Road to the Garden Podcast

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A new Monday edition of the Road to the Garden Podcast. Join Michael and Tommy as they talk about all things Big East including this Saturday/Sunday's games, the best ways to beat UConn, Stubbs being fired and much more! The guys at the end then preview some fun upcoming games!

Let us know if you like the Monday format more!

Time Codes, in case you want to skip to a specific segment.

Intro: 0:00


Providence vs Georgetown: 2:01

Marquette vs Seton Hall: 7:00

Villanova vs Butler: 10:50

Creighton: 18:52

Xavier vs UConn: 23:00

Vibes: 29:30


Villanova vs Marquette: 33:15

Story Time with Mike: 37:41

Providence vs. UConn: 44:58

Seton Hall vs DePaul: 48:00

Butler vs Creighton: 48:12

St. John's vs UConn: 51:19

Tony Stubblefield fired: 55:05

Providence vs Nova: 59:50

Outro: 1:01:30


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