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6 Degrees of BBB Podcast. Every guest is connected, therefore we live in a simulation...

Since starting House Enterprise, I am very thankful for all of the people we've met throughout this journey. I am a man of faith, as the ball drives into left field, but I am slowly starting to believe we live in a simulation of some sorts. An Instagram photo made me believe that theory.

Last week, recurring guest and friend of the program Eric Dunn, ran into Jesse Palmer at the airport. I was like "damn, that's a pretty cool coincidence", but then my wheels starting turning.

I've always heard of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but never imagined there would be a six degrees of "Beers, Business, and Ball".

Let's stick with Eric Dunn, how is he connected with recent BBB HOF guest, John Fanta? We'll, it's pretty wild.

  • Eric V. Dunn is a Jaguars fan and did a fundraiser with Kendra Middleton of Saturday N Seltzers.

  • The Saturday N Seltzers Podcast had Jess Kleinschmidt on.

  • Jess went on the Past our Prime Podcast with Tip Fairchild and Dan Koppen.

  • Dan Koppen played on the Patriots,

  • where John Duke Logan was the teams magician,

  • who had his photo taken multiple times by HOF Guest, Dave Silverman,

  • who also takes photos of Bryant University Basketball.

  • The head coach of Bryant's team is Jared Grasso,

  • who is a basketball coach in Rhode Island alongside Providence's Ed Cooley,

  • who has been interviewed multiple times by... John Fanta

Pick any two guests and you can tie them together somehow. Pretty wild. Two years of doing a podcast and it comes full circle. Don't believe me? Check the graphic to prove it.


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