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76 straight finals appearances from a former Knick, and the streak lives on thanks to Luke Kornet

Probably one of the craziest stats in NBA history and one that is a hard pill to swallow for Knicks fans alike, this NBA Finals will be the 76th straight where a former player will be present.

That's right, 76. The Knicks haven't been to a Finals since 1999 and haven't won since 1973, so it's just mind boggling how this stat continues to live.

Who is the fellow to keep the streak alive?

Luke Kornet

LK went undrafted in 2017, but joined New York in the Summer League and then signed a two-way that July. In his debut, he dropped11 points and 10 rebounds in 22 minutes, becoming the second Knicks rookie in history to debut with a double-double. The following season he actually ended up starting 18 games and playing in 46 total, averaging 7 points on 17 minutes. Now on the Celtics, he's only appeared in 12 games. Still counts though!

Luke Kornet and many of these guys weren't the difference makers to propel them in the playoffs, but the fact of the matter is this team needs to get back into winning side of history.


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