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Ain't no stoppin the New York Knick Toppin's! Obi's brother and Kentucky Forward, Jacob, signs deal.

Because one Toppin isn't enough. Hopefully this will spark the Knicks to actually use Obi more, but that's neither here nor there. After an uneventful draft for the Knicks, New York signed Jacob Toppin to a two-way deal.

Before playing for Coach Calipari, Topping started his collegiate career in the A10 at University of Rhode Island. He had the opportunity to play against his brother while Obi was at Dayton, before transferring to Kentucky. Last season, the forward had a breakout year, becoming a full-time starter and averaging 12.4 points and 6.8 rebounds per game.

As mentioned, there has been growing concerns that Obi Toppin wants out because of his lack of playtime. When Obi plays, he shines, but the former lottery pick is averaging a mere 14.7 minutes per game and has shown his frustrations with Coach Tom Thibodeau. Because he wasn't dealt on draft night, maybe the singing of his brother was an effort to mend and fix their relationship.


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