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Anthony Rizzo re-signs with the Yankees. The Freeman sweepstakes is over, but infield questions loom

Not the move Yankees fans wanted, after missing out on Olson, and being "a favorite for Freeman", but first baseman Anthony Rizzo is back in pinstripes.

Listen, I am all for re-signing Rizzo. He was well liked and respected by the organization, players and fans, and I loved him in pinstripes, the issue is that the team didn't get better. It's a team and money friendly deal, but it doesn't move the needle from a team that lost in the Wild Card. I'll still remember this homerun though, Rizzo is a smooth bat.

Rizzo played decently after being acquired from the Cubs. In 49 games he bat .249 with 8 homeruns, 21 RBIs, and 43 hits. Fans just seem disappointed with the 'what ifs" this offseason could've provided.

So what's next?

Well, the Gleyber Torres is an odd man out. With Rizzo back, is DJ going to start at 2nd or be the role he was brought into a few seasons ago, an ultra utility? I doubt it after the success he's had. But here's the current infield.

Current Infield

  • 1B: Rizzo / DJLM / Voit

  • 2B: DJLM / Torres

  • SS: IKF / Torres

  • 3B: Donaldson / DJLM / Andujar

Honestly, it's a defensive juggernaut out there, but how is the offense? Can this team win? It's an interesting bunch to say the least. How about Voit? I mean, he has to be traded right? Well, not too sure.

Rizzo, who is a cancer survivor has acknowledged that he chose not to get vaccinated for COVID. I don't care about a persons health choices, it's up to them in my eyes, but to the state of New York, not so much.

By that dumb metric, he would miss have to miss 92 games (56.8% of the season) under New York’s current rules if he does not get the vaccine. 81 at Yankee Stadium, 9 in Toronto, 2 at Citi Field. Will the Yankees platoon the duo? It seems to be the case.

Nonetheless, I am happy Rizzo is back. I wish Freddie Freeman was the guy, and even Matt Olson, but the front-office has other plans with their money. I am excited that I have one more guaranteed season to rep this shirt.

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