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Apology Tour - I am back - Special FBF Preview???

First off would like to say sorry to everyone who looks forward to my blogs (all 25 of you) for not positing. As you know, you can catch all my Frosty Boi Videos on Instagram weekly. I am working on uploading them all here and YouTube from now on.

It has been a tough few months figuring out life, trying to solo edit my videos, and making a career change. Well unfortunately I got laid off... yes I know it sucks but its for the best.

This means I am going to be more active here posting my content and hopefully drinking more craft beer.

So as a big sorry - here is the lineup for the remainder 2020 frosty boi Fridays. I am only doing this here as a House Blog Special. This is a secret so please do not share or repost.

FBF Line Up

12/4 : New Belgium Ales

12/11: Merrimack Ales

12/18 : Vitamin Sea Brewing

12/25: TBD (WInterhill)

1/1/21: TBD (Winterhill)

- one of the Fridays I won't post

2021 I already have all of January scheduled but won't release that yet.

There you go - we should be all caught up here.

Stay Frosty

Boston Beers


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