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Assessing The Options - Yankees V5 + V6 : Third Base and Outfield

Free Agency potentially returns tonight so that means assessing the options is back!

Volume 5 and 6 are Third Base and Outfield, two positions that I don't think the Yankees may address. Gio Urshela is a terrific defender, and DJ LeMahieu is a solid option as well. The outfield consists of Joey Gallo, Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge, and DH Giancarlo Stanton. But with that being said, there are still question marks. DJ LeMahieu might be playing first base, or even second, depending on what happens in the SS and 1B market. If the Yankees keep Gleyber, then DJLM needs a spot. In the outfield, Aaron Hicks is one big question mark, after missing majority of the season with a wrist injury. Do they have trust in him? Who is in centerfield if not? Can Stanton play a handful of more games in left? These are all valid questions.

There is a reason I combined the two together. There is one free agent, who I would LOVE in Pinstripes, who can play both positions well.

Kris Bryant.

Is it a stretch? Are the Yankees a dark horse candidate? Both yes, to be honest, I am not even sure if he is on the Yankees radar, but man, how incredible would that be?

His name was flirted in the past, and he is a name that would be an impressive add. While playing for both the Cubs and Giants last season, Bryant was named to the fourth All-Star game of his career. He drove in 25 HR's with 73 RBI's, batting a .835 OPS. The former ROY and NL MVP offers consistent offensive production, defensive versatility, and a championship mindset and pedigree.

Signing Kris Bryant would give you an infield of DJLM at first, Gleyber at 2nd, Gio in a bench depth role or stopgap shortstop. If they want to put Gio or DJ in a more permanent role at third, then your outfield is KB in left, Joey Gallo in center, Judge in RF, and Hicks as your backup OF. Honestly, not bad at all?

Again, I don't think it will happen, especially because he is one of the top marquee names still available, seeking a five-year, $175 million deal. However, if they miss out on some of the market, they should do their due diligence. KB is definitely a lineup upgrader.

Potential Outfield Free Agents To Consider

  • Kyle Schwarber

  • Nick Castellanos

  • Michael Conforto

  • Joc Pederson


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