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Bachelor with a Bro Week 11- The Finale!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Ivan has a great fantasy suite. Zac has a better fantasy suite. Brendan leaves after his Neil Lane experience. In a classic producer shocker, Ben comes back. Tayshia kisses Ben! On this lips. Tayshia has Ben come to the rose ceremony.

At the rose ceremony, Tayshia pulls Ivan away. Sends him home because it seems like they didn't get along religion-wise. Final two: Ben and Zac!

Ben meets Tayshia's family first. Tayshia's Dad says he is a "good guy". Zac meets Tayshia's family. They all seem to like Zac better and the Dad says that he likes Zac a lot. Zac then gets the final date. They seem to have a really good time even though Tayshia was questioning if she could get married again. Tayshia sends Ben home. Zac has a beautiful proposal to Tayshia. She says yes! The End.

Zac Clark is the big winner! After this being one of the most dramatic seasons of the Bachelor to date, we finally know who won Tayshia Adams heart. Here is a quick recap of what happened!


Monday Date - Fantasy Suites

I can rush through fantasy suites real quick. For those who don't watch, this is a time where the couples finally get some alone time away from the cameras. After these fantasy suites, it is pretty telling who the frontrunner is.

Ivan had the first one. Everything seemed to be perfect with them. There was chemistry, they had similar values (we thought), and they looked good together.

Zac had the second one. Everything I said about Ivan I could say about Zac. It was very easy to see that there was a strong connection there.

Brendan was our third date. He got to go see Neil Lane on his date. For those who don't know who Neil Lane is, he is the guy who gives out the rings for proposals. It was clear as day that Brendan was very uncomfortable being there. At the dinner part of the date, he opened up and said he couldn't propose. Cue car door being shut and Tayshia crying.

The biggest twist of the night was that Ben never left. He came back to talk to Tayshia about his feelings. Told Tayshia he loved her. Tayshia is like seriously bro, couldn't have said this last week. Decides to keep him for the rose ceremony.


The Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony, we have Ivan, Zac, and back from the dead Ben. The guys were not pleased to see that Ben was back. Tayshia gives a quick speech and then grabs Ivan. From a viewer's perspective, it was shocking to see Ivan go home because we never saw what was wrong. But in her goodbye conversation with Ivan, I guess they disagreed on religion and it was never going to work for them after the show. Ben and Zac snag the roses and they get to meet Tayshia's family.


Meeting Tayshia's Family

If you are a true follower of the show, you would remember Tayshia's dad. Tayshia's dad stole the show on hometowns when he gave Colton a hard time. Going into meeting the family it was obvious that Tayshia needed her dad's approval.


Ben went first. Overall I felt the meeting was awkward for two reasons. One was that the family knew that Ben got sent home and then brought back. For a family member that must be weird because if he got sent home before, why is he here. The second reason was Ben made one or two jokes and it very cringy. Didn't seem to land with the families.


Zac had an overall better date. It seemed like Zac connected really well with Tayshia's parents, especially the dad. A very classy move was when Zac was talking to the dad, he referenced a lot of things that Tayshia told him about the dad, showed how that is the standard and he is ready to live to those expectations. If you can google that clip, I highly recommend watching it because it was touching to watch.


The Last Date

Zac got to go back to back days, which seemed interesting. I think the producers cut it differently but this is what I think happened. Tayshia's Dad comes to visit her, and they have a conversation. After that conversation, she goes to Ben's room to break up. Then after they break up, Tayshia changes and goes on a date with Zac. The reason I say this is to look at what she is wearing when she breaks up with Ben and when she is talking with her dad, it is the same exact outfit. It makes a lot more sense if she wasn't fully on the date because she had just broken up with someone!

She is wearing that same outfit when she breaks up with Ben (sorry couldn't find the clip). If you find it, you will see what I am saying.

Sorry got side tracked. The date was fun. They went ballroom dancing. Seemed to have a fun time on the date even though Tayshia seemed very distracted.


The Proposal

The proposal was up there for the best proposal on this show. They both said super sweet things, you could see how happy they were, and just seems like they are a legit match. Funny thing that Tayshia said at the end, "It is crazy a few weeks ago I was just lying on my couch!" So for those at home, it wasn't 8 weeks like they make you think it was. They only knew each other for 3-4 weeks before they got engaged!


Bachelorette Pick 'em Expert vs Founder

Zach's Pick 'em

Will's Pick 'em

Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben. With the dummy Ben coming back, Tondo was able to squeeze out a narrow win against me. Congrats to you guy. He needed the win anyway after getting booted from Fantasy Football playoffs.

If you enjoyed this and want to make your own pick 'em for the next season, feel free to DM us and we will add you to this segment!


My prediction was right!

This is a screenshot from my week 2 post. Clare was still our Bachelorette and this was the first group date we had from the season. I could tell from that date that Zac was going to end up with Tayshia. Lucky for me I was right (and didn't cheat)!


I hope you enjoyed reading these. This was a crazy season and I am happy I got to break it down each week for you. Just because the season is over doesn't mean I am going anywhere. The new season of the Bachelor starts on January 4th, which is 2 Mondays from now. A full recap of what we know about Matt's season will be dropping next week!

Thanks for reading.


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