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Bachelor with a Bro Week 13 - The Drama has Begun

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Three dates this week: two one-on-ones and a group date. Bri gets the first one-on-one. They go ATVing around the woods near the chateau. After ATVing the go to a wood hot tub.

Group date has 18 girls on it! Starts off as a wedding photoshoot that turns into a wild/weird version of capture the flag. The red team won. Lauren got the group date rose because she opened up about her faith.

Sarah gets the second one-on-one. They go flying in a plane and fly over the woods/mountains. Sarah opens up about her dad having ALS and she gets the rose.

At the rose ceremony, Victoria starts some drama with Marylynn. She gets Matt involved. It wastes the rose ceremony. Before we could see who got sent home, Sarah blacked out and we got to be continued. Rose ceremony did not finish.

Since it is so early into the season, we don't know much about these women. There is not much to elaborate on about each date until we learn more about these women. The rest of the blog this week will focus on highlights, questions for the rest of the season.


How will they utilize the Nemacolin Resort?

For anyone who didn't watch last season, the dates were very creative at the La Quinta Resort. Creative is a nice way to put it. Here at the Nemacolin Resort, they seem to have way more room for activities. The dates so far have felt like real Bachelor dates. We will see if they already showed all the different ways they can use the resort or there are better dates in store!


How long will Matt let this dumb drama go on for?

Victoria is hard to watch. It is a classic producer run drama that they force a girl to be super obnoxious and no one like here. The thing about villains on this show, the good villains are the ones that you also kind of like and want to see do alright. Also, there a small chance that you can picture the villain with the lead, which makes sense why they keep them around.

Victoria is not one of those people. It is clear as day that Matt does not like Victoria. She is forcing sloppy kisses on him, and their conversations are surface-level at best. I hope they do us all a favor and get rid of her by the end of the month.


Who are the front runners?

It is hard to tell with so many women in the house and half the episode dedicated to drama. But we do know that all the women who went on a one-on-one (Bri, Sarah) and the first impression rose (Abagail) are people that Matt really likes. Anytime Matt goes in for the kiss, probably means that he likes them. Give it a couple of weeks and he will be kissing everyone.


The Bach Bracket!

Thank you to everyone who joined the Bach Bracket this season! We have 16 people trying to see who has the best bracket. Again, second place gets their money back, and first gets the pot! There is nothing to report this week as they had a girl pass out before the ceremony could finish.


Thanks for reading.


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