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Bachelor with a Bro Week 16 - Bye Bye Bullies

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Matt comes in hot and says the bullying needs to stop. Throughout the cocktail party, he figures out who was doing the bullying. Also, all the OGs start backtracking on what they were saying and apologize to the new girls. Anna is the first one to get the clip for spreading the false escort rumor. At the rose ceremony, after a dramatic breakdown, Victoria and others get sent home.

Start of a new week! Rachel gets the one on one. She gets to go shopping! Matt buys her all these nice things and red bottom shoes (supposedly a big deal) and a very nice dress for their dinner date. I guess they are both falling in love with each other?! Because they both said it at the dinner.

The group date was fine. They played on a farm. The front runners like Michelle, Chelsea, and Abigail all got reassurance during the date. Abigail got the rose.

Kit got the second one on one. Seemed like one of those one-on-ones that was going to lead to Barstool Trent to come, but she got the rose. She also has a super famous mother.

The episode ends with MJ all pouty that someone called her out. She gets put on a two-on-one and we will see if her actions are louder than her words. Regardless, probably going to be sent home.


The Bullies are Sent Home, But the Real Bullies are Still There

I personally didn't like how Anna, Victoria, and others were talking about the other girls. It made me uncomfortable to watch those scenes because they were coming off very mean. So I am happy they were sent home. But over the weekend, Dylan from Bachelor in Paradise went on a rant about how the producers manipulate the contestants. He went so far as to say that Jed was the one who got most manipulate. For those who don't remember, Jed is the one who proposed to Hannah Brown, then got caught with a girlfriend the whole time. Not sure what Dylan is referring to but Jed is dropping a podcast today if you are interested.

I have my doubts that these girls are as bad as they were portrayed on television. I am unsure if that is how Victoria talks in real life. I am unsure that they were constantly making the new girls feel like trash. I am unsure if Anna really knew what she was saying was going to be as catastrophic as it was. Knowing how much the producers manipulate the show these days, I am trying to keep a line between, these girls just suck and the producers are making them do this for good television.


Trending Up/Trending Down

Since Chris Harrison casually dropped the bomb that we are already halfway through the show, now is a good point in the show to think about who is trending up and who is getting sent home soon.

Trending Up

Abigail: Over the past two weeks, I have had Abigail trending downwards. She got the first impression rose, but since then we have seen much of her. But in this episode, she had a serious talk with Matt about kids, and Matt reassured he liked her by giving her the group date rose. I don't think she wins, but she is making a good push for hometowns.

Rachel: It was very clear in their date that they were vibing. I am very surprised that they both said they were falling in love with each other. But falling in love could mean different things for people. If they said in love, different story.

Michelle: After her date with Matt she came off as a clear frontrunner. Every time they have a conversation it seems like they are way farther than the other girls.

Trending Down

MJ: She was a big part of the drama. Surprised she didn't go home last night but will probably be sent home early next episode.

Serena C: What she wore to the farm date has her in this category.

Girls who had early one-on-ones: Anyone who had a one-on-one before Michelles, they don't seem to be progressing with Matt. They are just there now in the background. I would have to go back to previous blogs to see who was even on the early one-on-ones.


Is Katie the Bachelorette?

We are in a new age of watching the Bachelor. I personally miss the days when all the drama was on the television. These days, we have contestants live-tweeting the shows, posting all over their insta stories, people coming out of the woodwork to see how awful of a person this contestant is.

If you are on Twitter, you have probably noticed that Katie live tweets each episode. But in the biggest episode yet, her arch-enemy gets sent home and she doesn't live-tweet about it. There wasn't a peep from her. Supposedly they are going to start shooting the new season of the Bachelorette in a couple of days, and people believe because she went dark, she is going to be the new Bachelorette.

I will keep you updated if I hear any more rumors.


The Bachelor Bracket

No real shakeup to the leaderboard. Ironically enough, Victoria messed up my bracket. I didn't think the producers were going to let her go. Here is who I have going final four: Chelsea, Michelle, Rachel, and Bri. I am taking the gamble that Abigail and Matt's relationship doesn't progress too much and she gets the pre-hometown boot.


Thanks for reading.


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