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Bachelor with a Bro Week 3 - The Dale and Clare Show

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: This week was all about Dale. Every interview with Clare has her talking about Dale. The episode starts off with the big blow-up between Yosef and Clare. (Sidebar: guys don't ever act like Yosef). Rose ceremony happens, 3 randos leave. On the first group date, Dale is on it. Clare doesn't do the day part of the date because she talks with former Bachelorette Deanna about how much she likes Dale. The cocktail party is spent mostly with Dale. Dale gets the group date rose. The one-on-one date goes to Zack J. He doesn't lean in for the kiss and gets sent home. The second group date is a roast. Bennett and Ben had the best roasts of the night. Everyone roasts Dales for saying he is "the best-suited man for Clare". Clare spends the cocktail party asking each guy why they roasted Dale. End of the second group date, no one gets a rose. The teaser for next week shows a mystery girl coming out of the pool. We get our first glimpse that Tayshia is coming!

Sorry for the long summary, there was a lot to unpack this week.


The Second Rose Ceremony

This episode started off at the end of the second rose ceremony. We had to spend the first 10-15 mins listening to Yosef yap on and on about how he was going to talk to Clare about her actions. Long story short, Yosef escalated the conversation way too far and decided to say some truly hurtful words to Clare. He was afraid of letting his daughter seeing him naked on television, but I think what he ended up doing was way worse.

Lucky for us, and especially for Clare, Dale happened to be right there and helped her calm down. Dale at that moment showed us why Clare was head over heels about him. He was a true gentleman.

Rose ceremony happens and we move on to the next week.


The First Group Date

The first group date was honestly not a date. If I had to speculate, this is what was suppose to happen. Former Bachelorette Deanna came to surprise Clare. I don't think they are that close but they do both know each other and talked for a good amount of time. After they both sniffed Dale's pants and talked about how smitten she was about him, they cut over the guys.

Clare doesn't show up until the night time. She tells the guys sorry but she decided to cancel the day portion of the date and just have an extended cocktail party. It is good and bad to that. The bad part is the guys can't show their easy-going side. But the good part is they can just have those heartful conversations with Clare for a longer period of time. Or so they thought.

They get to the party and Dale decides to give a big speech about being a band of brothers. It pretty much for everyone to give each other respect and time with Clare. Then Dale made everyone do a group hug. Dale ends up talking Clare away for 45 mins to an hour and they went back to Clare's suite to hook up. Because of this, every other guy had about 5 mins with Clare. Then Dale took her back for a second time (savage) because he wanted to make out with her more.

If you couldn't guess Dale got the group date rose.


One-on-One Date

Zack J got the date. Everyone was hopeful that if Clare had a good time with Zack that hopefully, we were talking a turn from this being the Dale show. Let's just say that didn't happen. Clare in every interview said she wishes Dale was there. Then Zack supposedly leaned back when Clare went to kiss him and that made her very uncomfortable. To the point, that poor guy couldn't get the chance to redeem himself and got sent over by Mr. Chris Harrison.


Second Group Date Rose

We are about 75 mins into the show and all the show has been about is Dale. Now we got a group date which Dale is not on, so it is looking hopeful that we will get a little time off from Dale. You thought wrong! The group date is a comedy roast led by comedian Margaret Cho. Guess who the audience of the roast is? The guys who are not on the date.

So now Dale is going to be at the roast. The guys feel that this is a good time to take a shot at Dale, as earlier he told the guys he was "the best-suited man for Clare". Bennett (below) goes for the jugular on Dale. He had three pages of material on Dale.

The roast got a little too uncomfortable as most of the jokes were about Dale. Flash forward to the cocktail party, now there is no reason Dale should come up. But wait, Clare wants to know why each guy roasted Dale. Instead of getting to know the guys, she cared more wondering why they went after her finance (her words). At the end of the night, she did not give out a rose because she felt she really didn't connect with anyone during the date.

For those reading at home who didn't watch the episode, normally each week 3 roses are given out before the rose ceremony. This week, there was only one and it was given to Dale.


The Twist

One thing all season the Bachelorette has been doing is teasing what is coming. Everyone by now has seen this clip:

But one new clip that we haven't seen before is this woman coming out of the pool. It was very Baywatch like. For those who didn't know who it was, it was Tayshia Adams, the girl that has been teased for the past few months about taking over as the Bachelorette! This is the first real clip of her we have seen. Not exactly sure what the timeline is for when she takes over, but hopefully next week is the last week of Clare and then we get the full season of Tayshia. Regardless of when it is, it was a great ending to a pretty good episode.


Thanks for reading.


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