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Bachelor with a Bro Week 5 - The Real Show Begins

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Night round 2. Tayshia meets the 16 guys. They start to talk to her and get to know her. Chris Harrison comes in and tells her she also is getting to meet a few more guys. 4 more guys show up in a limo. Spencer comes in douchebag blazing! Guys who make a good first impression: Ben, Zac C., Spencer, and Ivan. Newbie Spencer gets the first impression rose. No rose ceremony, so all 20 guys stay.

Clare and Dale came for a few mins (that is all you will get about that from me).

Group Date 1 - Splash Ball. Blue team of Zac C., Spencer, Noah, Walmart brand Zac C., and Eazy win. Eazy gets the group date rose for saying the same thing he said to Clare to Tayshia. Jason "I've got demons" leaves.

Brendan gets the one on one date. Chris Harrison cock blocks the first kiss the whole day date. Brendan and Tayshia hit it off at night as they have both been divorced.

For that cute girl you have been trying to talk to in those group zoom meetings, here is your ice breaker - you are welcome!


First Night Round 2

What were your thoughts on Tayshia's speech to the guys? I personally like it but from the peanut gallery I watched with, there were mixed reviews. Listening to all of the conversations, I thought they were good, not great. No one said anything that made me think they had an instant spark.

The guy who got the first impression rose, newbie Spencer, really rubbed the guys the wrong way. Since the guys have known each other for 2 weeks already, they have this funny brotherhood. So when 4 new guys came into the house, they were like "bro name 5 brothers".

Spencer was acting like the guy who catches a foul ball at a baseball game and doesn't give it to the kid who is sitting right near him. Just all about himself. This guy also gets the rose night one! He didn't even say anything of substance besides he likes to surf, and Tayshia has never surfed. Not sure if you got it but I don't think this guy will go far.

At the end of the night, Tayshia kept all the guys which was a nice gesture. She seems to be pretty open to the whole process.


The Dates

The two dates we saw were the first group date and the one on one with Brendan. Both seem like a ton of fun. There was a little drama on the group date rose but it was because the guys were fed up with Spencer. Riley called the guy lunch meat, which I don't think is a nice term. I personally enjoy lunch meat, but probably wouldn't want to be called it.

My guy Zac C is crushing it with Tayshia! He had one of the better conversations with Tayshia on the group date. Tayshia even went in for the kiss with him. Just want to say I knew they would hit it off!

The date with Brendan was a good one. They got to ride horses through the hotel, and along the way, Chris Harrison kept popping up. It felt like a real Bachelorette kind of date.

When they had their dinner portion of the date, you could tell Brendan was struggling with something. He wasn't sure how to tell Tayshia that he was already married before. What he didn't realize was, Tayshia was also married before. They seem to have a nice bond and he got the rose. Then they went outside and had a personalized fireworks show.


I will leave you with this: if you are a fella who lives in the Boston area, if you are looking to buy a house that needs a new roof and a nearby gym, I know some guys. Two of the new guys (Montel and Peter) are from our area and one on one date Brendan is a roofer from Milford.


Thanks for reading.

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