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Baseball is back and Opening Day is here. Introducing the 'wOBA Wonderboys' Podcast!

Weighted On-Base Average combines all the different aspects of hitting into one metric, weighting each of them in proportion to their actual run value. While batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage fall short in accuracy and scope, wOBA measures and captures offensive value more accurately and comprehensively.

WonderBoy is just an awesome term, describing a very popular or successful person. Combined the two together and you have the newest House Enterprise Podcast!

Hosted by Sam Basel and John Gensler, the wOBA Wonderboys is here to bring you everything you need to know this week in baseball, including stats, predictions, and recaps of some of the top moments from the past week.

Basel is our top guy at the House, and his love and knowledge of the game is going to be must listen. John is a fellow Southolder, who is a stats junkie and is going to provide an awesome perspective from a baseball fan.

I had the awesome pleasure of hoping in on their first episode. We break down everything you need to know heading into opening day. Who will win each division? Who can take advantage of the expanded Wild Card? Who will win the World Series? Plus a deep dive into an offseason recap. Give it a listen and a follow, it'll be a fun one for the season!


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