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Basel's House Bracket Challenge: The Finale

Photo: Bailey laments her busted bracket

We've finally made it, folks. There's still one more game left to play in the actual tournament, but the Bracket Challenge played by my housemates was decided Saturday Night, with Erin securing the top spot with Jalen Suggs' buzzer beater over UCLA. Let's hear how my four housemates reacted to the results of the Final Four.

The Final Stretch

With three competitors entering the Final Four with a chance at victory, every single moment mattered. Unfortunately for Grace, her dreams were crushed early as Baylor crushed Houston in the first semifinal 78-59. Despite touting the greatness of Houston as a school and as a city all tournament, Grace seemed rather bitter following her elimination from Uber Eats contention.

"I feel like they let me down personally," Grace said. "They let the City of Houston down, and they let Megan Thee Stallion down. I hope they do better in the future, and I guess I'll still root for them."

Despite expressing her desire to remain a Houston fan, Grace also stated that she will probably not pay attention to college basketball ever again.

For Julia, while losing after such a close semifinal was tough, she graciously accepted Gonzaga's dominance. However, she held firm on the notion that Gonzaga's quest to finish out a perfect season will still be tough with just one game left.

"Go West Coast, I guess," Julia concluded.

As for the winner, Erin was very relieved to have won. Despite falling asleep before Jalen Suggs' game-winner, Erin was happy that her words of reassurance throughout the tournament helped will Suggs and his team all the way to the National Championship game.

For her victory meal, Erin decided to be generous, and ordered Wendy's for the entire house to have together as an Easter Dinner. While there was a general air of relief, as I would no longer hound them for interviews regarding basketball games that they did not care about, Bailey seemed to still be frustrated over her poor bracket performance, to which she provided little comment.

"I'm just here so I won't get fined," she said while eating a spicy chicken sandwich.

Final Standings

If Gonzaga wins tonight, Erin will gain an additional 32 points, but as for positions, the House is now completely locked in.

  1. Erin (2/2 Correct Final Four Picks) (85 Pts.)

  2. Julia (0/2 Correct Picks) (77 Pts.)

  3. Grace (0/2 Correct Picks) (58 Pts.)

  4. Bailey (0/2 Correct Picks) (38 Pts.)



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