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Basel's Week 6 NCAAF Top 25

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Some big upsets shake up this week's rankings, putting Alabama's playoff hopes in serious jeopardy. Here's my Top 25 following Week 6 of the 2021 FBS season.

Basel's Top 25

  1. Georgia (6-0): Well, after 'Bama's first loss, it looks like the Dawgs will top the AP poll for the first time since the 2008 preseason. Aside from Alabama's loss, Georgia has earned this spot due in large part to their stellar defense, who held Auburn to just 10 points.

  2. Iowa (6-0): It wasn't pretty, but Iowa was able to mount a stunning comeback in the second half against Penn State to keep their playoff hopes alive. Even with the close score, ending the Nittany Lions winning streak at nine games proves that the Hawkeyes deserve some serious kudos.

  3. Cincinnati (5-0): Call me crazy, but a 52-3 win over Temple, as well as some losses in the top 4, could allow Cincy to sneak into playoff position. The question now becomes whether or not they can hold their ground.

  4. Oklahoma (6-0): Spencer Rattler did not look like himself against Texas, but outscoring the Longhorns 35-10 in the second half gives the Sooners just enough of a boost to sneak into the Top 4.

  5. Penn State (5-1): The circumstances of this loss prove that Penn State can still be a tough opponent for Iowa in their eventual Big 10 Championship Game rematch.

  6. Alabama (5-1): Bama's loss to A&M sends them down, but not entirely out, of the 2021-22 Playoff picture, making a trip to the SEC Championship Game mandatory if they want to contend for a Natty this year.

  7. Ohio State (5-1): CJ Stroud has thrown for 10 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in Ohio State's last two games. The Buckeyes recent dominance, in my opinion, has allowed them to push past the Oregon team that beat them early on this year, and potentially puts them in the playoff conversation. The first official playoff rankings in November will likely be very controversial, as there are plenty of teams that can challenge for that fourth spot.

  8. Oregon (4-1): The Ducks rested this week ahead of their Friday matchup against Cal.

  9. Michigan (5-1): : Fun fact; the Colley Matrix, one of the prestige football ranking formulas, has had Michigan as high as 2 so far this season. While I'm not ready to put them that high, their win against Nebraska solidifies their spot in the Top 10 for another week.

  10. Michigan State (6-0): Jalen Nailor's 3 TD catches make him this week's MVP for the Spartans, as they continue their best start since 2015.

  11. Coastal Carolina (6-0): Even on a Thursday night game, Grayson McCall can excite, throwing for 365 yards and 4 TDs against Arkansas State.

  12. Kentucky (6-0): The Wildcats' surprise 2021 run continued with a solid win against LSU. Will Levis threw for 3 TDs and ran it in for 2 more. He's not necessarily a Heisman contender this season, but the Junior QB could make a serious case for the NFL draft with a strong 2021 finish.

  13. Oklahoma State (5-0): No Cowboys in action this week. They rested ahead of their game against the Longhorns next week.

  14. BYU (5-1): The Wildcats' perfect bid ends this week with a 26-17 loss to Boise State.

  15. Notre Dame (5-1): Notre Dame has returned to early season form by barely squeaking out a win against Virginia Tech.

  16. Ole Miss (4-1): The defense could have been a lot better, but Ole Miss' win against Arkansas keeps them in the Top 20 for the foreseeable future.

  17. Wake Forest (6-0): With a 40-37 win over Cuse, the Deacons are off to their first 6-0 start since 1944.

  18. Arizona State (5-1): Arizona State had five offensive players rush for 255 yards against Stanford. Herm Edwards says that a team that rushes for more than 200 yards is probably going to win, so look for the Sun Devils to move the ball on the ground a lot more this season.

  19. Florida (4-2): Florida pulled the classic Vandy beatdown to jump back up in this week's ranking.

  20. Texas (4-2): I can't knock Texas too hard in their loss to Oklahoma, but that second half defensive collapse was pretty tough to watch.

  21. Texas A&M (4-2): Down goes Bama! The Aggies will no doubt see a bump in their rankings after taking down the Tide for the first time since Johnny Manziel was their starting quarterback.

  22. NC State (4-1): No Wolfpack in action this week.

  23. SMU (6-0): The Mustangs have flown under my radar all season, so I guess it's finally time to put some respect on their name and throw them into my rankings.

  24. San Diego State (5-0): SD State plays way past my bedtime, but I finally got to see them in action against New Mexico, and was very impressed.

  25. Houston (5-1): I guess the other polls don't agree with me, but Houston could be a sneaky contender in the American down the stretch if they stay hot.

See you next week!


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