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BBB POD: Terrence Oglesby of 'Field of 68' joins the pod to talk College Hoops & Providence Friars

From lighting it up at Clemson, to playing pro overseas, and now covering the game he loves with John Fanta and Jeff Goodman, Terrance Oglesby is an expert in College Hoops. He may be an ACC guy, but one team TO has been riding this season, is none other than the Providence Friars.

In honor of the big top-10 match up today between Providence and Villanova, we have Terrance Oglseby joining us on the pod! A college hoops analyst with ‘Field of 68’, TO is a former Clemson guard and 8 year pro. He dives into his career, his love for the game, and why the Friars are legit this season.


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