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Behind The Brewery: Christopher Tkach, Co-Founder of Idle Hands Craft Ales

Chris Tkach and his founding team faced plenty of struggles early in the inception of their brewery, like being evicted from their original location to make way for the new Encore Casino in Everett, Massachusetts.  But years later, Idle Hands Craft Ales remains a big player in the Greater Boston craft beer scene. 

Chris joins the show to discuss the founding of Idle Hands, which stemmed from both his engineering experience and the first beer-making kit his uncle gave him at age 21.  We discuss the name "Idle Hands," the transition from full-time engineer to full-time brewery owner, and the Belgian influence of Idle Hands' main beers.  We also hear Chris tell the story of Jake Douglass, an Idle Hands regular who turned into a commercial brewer.  We break down the future of Idle Hands and how they have stayed competitive in an ever-evolving craft beer scene.


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