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Behind the Brewery - Rhingeist

Our Bockfest Cincinnati tour continues! We had the chance to swing by local and national favorite, Rhinegeist Brewery. Located in the historic Over-The-Rhine district, Rhinegeist’s home was a pre-prohibition bottling plant, and has since evolved into a beer brand loved by Ohioans across the state. If you are in Cincy, this is a must-visit. The atmosphere is vibrant and spacious, the beer is flavorful with great variety, and the staff is super friendly.

We sat down with Assistant GM Aislinn Brown and Director of Education Chris Shields and discussed the role that Cincinnati played during prohibition and the German influence on the taproom & beer style. We hear their stories of entering into the craft beer world, the growth of Rhinegeist over the years, and we also try their flagship IPA, Truth, which made the list of top 100 beers in the world in 2014.


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