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Behind the Brewery - Sam Adams Cincinnati Taproom

Everybody knows the conglomerate called The Boston Beer Company. Founded in 1984 with their first brand of beer being Sam Adams, they are now considered the fourth largest brewer in the United States.

Boston may be in its name, but the company has deep roots within the Cincinnati community. Founder Jim Koch, the craft beer pioneer, grew up in Cincy, where his father and grandfather were both employed at local breweries.

In 1997, Koch purchased the Hudepolh-Schoenling brewery on Central Parkway, Cincinnati. Generations of Koch brewers had worked their and they revolutionized it to be the main production brewery for Samuel Adams beers. In 2018, the OTR Taproom opened, and since then has blessed the community with a variety of Sam Adams favorites and exclusives.

"Beers, Business, and Balls" Podcast had a chance to sit down with Keith McEly, who is the General Manager of the Cincy Taproom. He goes over their list of what's on tap, the rich history of the Ohio Beer scene and Sam Adams, and how the space has grown over the years.



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