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Being different should be embraced. How finding your "yellow tuxedo" can help find your success

We've been taught all of our lives to follow in between the lines, polish up, and be "professional". Follow the rulebook of life and cruise to the top. However, have we not learned that being different can make you successful?

When you think of visionaries, you think of names like Henry Ford, Maya Angelou, and Walt Disney. Amongst many others, they did things differently. Another name you should also think of is Jesse Cole, the man who wears the yellow tuxedo.

Fifteen years ago, Jesse Cole went to play baseball at a small school in South Carolina. Now, he’s the brains behind one of America’s fastest-growing baseball brands. How did he accomplish this?

"By stop standing still and start standing out."

In a world filled with mad rushes and attempts of fitting in, the biggest problem is not feeling like yourself, or doing what is expected of you. In order to find your success and find your happiness, you need to stand out, take whatever you think is normal, and do the exact opposite. That's what the Savannah Bananas are doing, by rewriting the rules on what it means to be a sports team; they sing their walk-up songs, they take batting practice on stilts, and they dance the night away…all during the game.

Cole shares how you can achieve amazing things by doing the unexpected and you'll discover how to find joy and success in everything you do. Jesse Cole joins us this week to discuss how he turned a failing minor league team into the greatest show in baseball, and how being different can help achieve your wildest dreams (18:23).


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