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Billy's Bankroll NFL 2023-24, Week 1. How far can $100 go?

We're back for another season of Billy's Bankroll! For those who are returning, welcome back, let's go win some coin. For the new readers, here's the deal. Can I successfully build a bank roll with $100 bucks?

In this blog series, I'll be dropping picks every week of the NFL to see how far I can take a single Benjamin. My unit size will probably be $10 bucks to stretch out the season, but the goal is to build the wealth.

Follow along and tail my bets. Let's collect some winners.



  • $50 to win $156.78

  • Current Bankroll: $100 -> $50

  • Giants: $20 to win $48.60

  • Record: 0-0, 0u


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