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Billy's Bankroll - Regular Season Finale

It's been a while since I've done one of these, and two be honest, I have just been betting on other things. College Hoops, Bowl Season, NBA, it's been getting me going more than the NFL, but I still have a job to do here, and it's to see how far $100 will go this season. Week 18 is a first, and there are plenty of implications for the playoffs to go around.

For me? I love the double digit covers. I think the Eagles are gassed right now, even with the Giants sitting their guys. I think the Cardinals are going to put on a show for JJ's last game. I think the Bills win big for #3, and the Lions and Steelers get back to the promise land. Let's have a Sunday!


  • Bills -8 (-110): $5

  • Giants +16 (-110): $5

  • Cardinals +14 (-110): $5

  • Lions +5 (-110): $5

  • Bills -8 (-110): $5

Record: 39-41-3, +38 U

Week 14 Bets: $25 to win $47.37

Current Bankroll: $290.55 -> $265.55


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