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BookIt Sports, a social community for Gamblers. How Trent Attyah is innovating the betting industry.

If you don't know by now, sports gaming is the future. It is no longer a taboo topic that involves a sketchy bookie or wiring funds to a random account. It's becoming one legal, and two, a multi-billion dollar industry. Everywhere you look, sports gaming is becoming a household name. Professional teams are adopting it, business ventures are investing in it, and content is being created constantly.

Former Pro-Bowl Punter, Pat McAfee, just signed a massive $130M dollar deal with FanDuel to continue to produce content in that atmosphere. Barstool Sports had their acquisition by Penn National Gaming, and has begun to take stride in the in field.

The current field of sports gaming is similar to the wild west. We are currently in the exploration phase and market innovators and beginning to change the game. Trent Attyah, the Founder of BookIt Sports, came to the realization in college that sports gaming is social, but there is no centralized platform to get all betting information. That's until the launch of his app.

Bookit Sports is a sports betting social media platform that connects the global gambling community on one central hub. Imagine Twitter for gamblers, with the ability to track your bets, socialize amongst other gamblers, and post content related solely to gambling. It's quite genius.

BookItWithTrent joins the podcast this week (21:00). You might know him as one of the most entertaining gambling personalities on social media. We discuss Trent’s rise to fame after he botched a question to Russell Westbrook, his perception online as a gambling creator, and his new venture - BookItSports - which promises to be a first-of-its-kind in the gambling community.

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