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Brady just broke the internet again. Unretires after hanging with Ronaldo, cucking Selection Sunday


These college kids got a glimpse of glory on national TV and poof, Brady unretires. Hangs out with Cristiano Ronaldo across the pond and goes "yeah you know what, I'm coming back, I was kidding".

With free agency starting this week, Brady heads back to Tampa Bay, which will be interesting, given their -2.7M in cap space. Does Gronk make a run again? I would have to assume.

My only explanation is that Brady really hates Jimmy G. He probably heard that they were going to try and trade for him and he was probably like "this mothafucker ain't trying to replace me AGAIN". Or the Bucs were trying to snag Deshaun Watson, and he didn't want to get overshadowed. Actually, TB12 saw that inflation was at an all-time high and needed to head back to work in order to pay the bills.

I mean what the hell man. You were retired for a cup of coffee. You reposted MILLIONS of Instagram stories. I mean good for him, but he could've picked any other day. I am all focused on making a bracket and then this man drops an absolute bomb.

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