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Breakfast with the American's: The World Baseball Classic - Ohtani and Japan win this round...

The Angels must be cooking up something good if the final play of the game included both of their stars and a historic moment for World Baseball Classic viewers, right?

What a game, what a tournament, but man does this stink. It was hard fought all the way to the end, and Japan earned the upset. Tre Turner earned his stars and (pin)stripes, Kyle Schwarber almost led the rally, but at the end of the day, it fell on the pitching. Team USA’s pitching gave up all 3 runs. Imagine if the team had Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and Gerrit Cole in this game, let alone this tournament?

It's a lot of "should've, would've, could've" thoughts going around, so let's not breeze past the incredible play from Japan. We obviously know Ohtani is a superstar and the face of the baseball globally. The rest of their squad might be seeing American baseball very soon too. We already know that the WBC will be returning in 2026 (a rare Manfred W), so hopefully this loss will fuel the fire of the league's biggest stars.

This game DOES matter. Mike Trout said it was the biggest game of his career. Players from teams all around the globe loved these games, even with injuries and the risk of missing their professional team's season. It isn't a meanigluss tourney, millions and millions of people tuned in.this is representeing the country on the biggest stage.

I can go on a rant for hours, but I won't. Congrats to Japan, and congrats to Team USA on a remarkable run that ultimately fell short of gold. It is what it is. And with that, the World Baseball Classic closes, and another rendition of Breakfast with the American's is complete. We'll catch you soon.


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