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Breakfast with the American's: The World Baseball Classic - We lost the béisbol game badly...

Ay Dios Mios... What the hell was this?

First off, I did not finish watching this game. I am not a young buck anymore, and I can't be staying up until 2 am on a Sunday when March Madness is on our heels, I just simply can't.

So what happened? Well, to kick things off, Team USA, which was forced to use eight pitchers.

National's Joey Meneses had two homers and scored three times, Randy Arozarena went 3 for 5 and drove in a pair of runs, Angels Starter Patrick Sandoval allowed just two hits and a run over three innings while striking out two. Cubs prospect Javier Assad went the next three and allowed just a run on a hit.

It was a 7-2 ball game until the 8th inning where Mexico erupted for four more runs. USA responded with an RBI Double from Bobby Witt Jr. and Tim Anderson driving in two runs.

Per JomBoy Media and the WBC rules, because the tiebreaker is runs allowed per out, Team USA has put itself in danger of not advancing through pool play for the first time in World Baseball Classic history.

Twitter is up in arms today because the pitching has been the biggest concern for this USA team. Guys like Cole and Verlander should be present, but like I mentioned in the intro, MLB Ace's opted to focus on the upcoming season rather than this tournament.

On Deck, we have another North America matchup, Canada. Things aren't looking too good for the US right now, because our northern neighbors just smoked Great Britain 18-8... Freddie Freeman and Tyler O'Neill are your lead faces on this squad. Buckle up.


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