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Breakfast with the Americans, but World Cup. The biggest draw in the history of ties.

GG's you blokes, GG's. USMNT and England drew on the biggest game of the tournament. Pour your tea in the God Damn harbor, the Yanks should have won that game, but alas they at least got the one point to keep their hopes alive.

It wasn't going to be easy for USA, after drawing to Wales and watching England absolutely smoke the wheels off of Iran. So the fact that they held one of the World Cup favorites to a tie, let alone not allowing them to score a goal, is absolutely money, especially at +300 odds.

It was a deadlock leveled matchup the entire 90+ minutes. The only moment of true excitement was when Christian Pulisic hit the crossbar in the middle of the first half.

In a match that many expected the USA to lose, America performed quite well, but the way they played should have resulted in the W. It's now all up to the final matchup. Iran. There should be no excuse that the US loses this match. However, their offense needs a spark. 1 goal in 2 games is not ideal. So socre some goals, win, and advance. You literally cannot tie, and you can certainly not lose.




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