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Bronny James Is Now Being Projected As A Top 10 Pick In The 2024 NBA Draft

At the beginning of this season, most people were saying Bronny was a fringe NBA player at best. A lot of people said he would end up spending most of his time in the G-League and the only reason he was getting national spotlight was obviously because of who his father is.

And when I say "a lot of people" I'm talking about myself and my friends who don't like LeBron and the Lakers.

On 247Sports, Bronny is the number 34 overall recruit, number 8 combo guard and number 8 player in California for the Class of 2023.

Being the number 34th ranked player in the country is awesome but how does that translate to a top 10 pick in two years?

According to DraftExpress,

"Bronny James is now a projected top-10 pick thanks to the significant jump he's made at Sierra Canyon, developing into arguably the best perimeter defender in his class while making strides with his shooting and playmaking."

He's has a solid year at Sierra Canyon averaging 14-5-3. According to scouts, he has elite defensive skills, but the biggest question is the scoring. Scouts and colleges apparently wanted him to be really selfish this season with the ball and look more towards scoring.

Also, when is he committing to a school? It's almost March. The high school basketball season is basically over and I'm pretty sure Sierra Canyon lost in the playoffs last week.

According to Bleacher Report, Bronny will decide on his college commitment at the end of the season and his top three are Ohio State, USC and Oregon.

Definitely understand all these options from a player and business standpoint.

Ohio State - Lebron and his family are from Akron and LeBron loves OSU. Just the Ohio connection is enough of a reason for Bronny to go to OSU.

Oregon - Huge Nike school and the Nike HQ is pretty close to the school. LeBron has a lifetime contract with the brand and this might influence Bronny to play near the HQ.

USC - LeBron with the Lakers and Bronny with USC would make a very exciting dynamic with Los Angeles hoops.

I feel like this is recruitment watch is gonna get kinda crazy in the next couple weeks. I'll probably spend a good amount of time reading message boards for these three schools seeing how they are feeling about Bronny.

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