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Buffalo Bills Week 13 recap: Franchise records broken, career nights set

It may be very ill-advised to continue to doubt Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. After a prime time Monday Night Football thrashing of the San Francisco 49ers, it appears as if ESPN and other sports networks are finally catching up to the Bills' hype. The excitement surrounding the Bills is real, and I would go as far as to say that aside from the Kansas City Chiefs, no other team in the AFC is as complete and as competitive as this Buffalo team. With that being said, let's dive right into the Buffalo Bills Week 13 recap.



Josh Allen

He's back, ladies and gentlemen! Josh Allen does what he does best, and he absolutely torched the 49ers through the air. Allen completed 32 of his 40 pass attempts, for 375 yards and four touchdowns. Allen finished the game without a single rushing touchdown of his own, which is a problem for the rest of the league, since a big criticism of this Bills team over the last few season has been that in order to win, Allen needs to be mobile. Allen and the Bills squashed that notion on Monday night.

Josh Allen joins the ranks of great Bills' franchise quarterbacks such as Jim Kelly and Drew Bledsoe. Monday night's victory over San Francisco marked the fourth game this season that Allen has thrown three touchdowns and 300+ yards in one game, setting a franchise record. Jim Kelly set the record in 1991 with three games, and Drew Bledsoe tied the record in 2002.

Cole Beasley

Dear opposing offenses, please keep sleeping on Cole Beasley, it makes Josh Allen's job so much easier. Beasley has been sneaky good this season, and Week 13 was no different. Beasley had himself a career night against the 49ers, racking up 130 yards on 9 receptions, with one touchdown. Beasley was clearly Allen's favorite target for this game, and it worked out well for the both guys, as Josh Allen broke a franchise record, and Cole Beasley had the best performance of his career.



The secondary

There is not much to complain about this week. The Buffalo Bills put together one of their most complete victories of the season, and it seemed as if every player on the team showed up to play ball. But if I absolutely have to nitpick, I would say that maybe the secondary could have bee a bit better? I'm in no way shape or form calling Nick Mullens a bad quarterback, in fact, I think he has a really bright future ahead of him. But the backup QB still was able to muster up 316 yards on Monday night, and did toss three touchdown passes. The Bills gave Mullens a lot of room to work with, and fortunately for Buffalo, they were able to get away with letting Mullens put up decent numbers. That kind of relaxed play and lack of pressure on the QB will not fly against guys like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers.

San Fransisco 49ers' wide receiver, Brandon Aiyuk, was Nick Mullens' favorite target last night. Aiyuk ran for 95 yards on five receptions, and scored a touchdown. Aiyuk was defended mostly by Bills cornerback, Levi Wallace, and Mullens targeted Wallace heavily by going to Brandon Aiyuk for a majority of the offensive workload.


The Buffalo Bills have yet another tough matchup coming up in Week 14 against the (now) 11-1 Pittsburgh Steelers. So far this season, the Bills have had a tough schedule, but they've managed to keep their heads above water for now, and remain in soul possession of the AFC East. The Steelers will be licking their wounds after a tough loss against the Washington Football Team, and Buffalo will look to capitalize on that.

Have a great week, Bills Mafia!

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