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Buffalo Bills Week 15 recap: Your AFC East Champions!

For the first time since 1995, the Buffalo Bills are AFC East Champions, and Bills' fans are on cloud nine. Let's hop right into this week's recap of the Buffalo Bills 48-19 victory over the Denver Broncos.



The Bills are AFC East Champions!

Shall I say more? The biggest storyline to come out of the Bills' Week 15 domination over the Denver Broncos is that for the first time since 1995, Buffalo is bringing the division championship home. Josh Allen threw for 359 yards and four total touchdowns (two passing, two rushing) while Stefon Diggs recorded 147 receiving yards on 11 catches. Devin Singletary had himself a nice night as well, as he put an exclamation point on this game when he had a 51-yard rushing touchdown, the final scoring drive of the game.

Bills Mafia

Bills' fans take the cake. After 25 years of mediocrity, after four straight Super Bowl losses in the 1990's, these fans have stuck with this team and have remained one of the most passionate and supportive fanbases in the league. They could have called it quits years ago, but they keep coming back for more. Whenever you ask any current or ex-Bill what their favorite thing about playing in Buffalo is, their number one answer is "the fans."

At 1:30 AM on Sunday night, the Bills team arrived in Buffalo after a long flight from Denver. Not surprisingly, they were met by a sea of screaming Bills' fans. Check out the madness below.



The job isn't finished

Please, do not become complacent just yet. Division championships are forgotten after a period of time, but Super Bowl Champions are remembered forever. Many are choosing the Buffalo Bills as the biggest threat to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC, and there is still work to be done before then. The Bills are currently the three seed in the AFC, but are well within reach of the two seed Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Buffalo Bills cannot be one and done in the playoffs. This team has what it takes to be Super Bowl Champions. Getting passed the Kansas City Chiefs will be a tall mountain to climb for Buffalo, but if this team has shown anything this season, it's that when they play their best, when they put their heads together, and when the odds are stacked against them, they can beat anyone in the NFL. This is an extremely resilient group of young men.

Other than that, there are no con's. The Bills just clinched their division. Go hog wild for the next couple of weeks, Bills Mafia, until the real work starts.

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