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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap

And just like that another season of paradise came and went! This one felt especially fast with it being back to back with the Golden Bachelor, it felt like you could not be as invested this season with another show also on. Also, they seem to rush certain parts that normally aren't rushed. So who ended up engaged?! We had two! But I'll save that for later.

We start with the final 5 couples on the beach. There was a full rave and celebration for Kenny and Mari, a married couple from a previous season, but that's really all you need to know from the first hour of the episode. The final five couples on the beach are:

Sam and Peter

Olivia and Michael

Kat and John Henry

Kylee and Aven

Eliza and Aaron

I ordered them from who I thought were the weakest to strongest at that point in time. Like I said at the beginning, only two couples got engaged... and Kylee and Aven were not one of the couples. Sam and Peter + Olivia and Michael both broke up. Kylee and Aven decided to leave the beach as a couple, and from the video montage at the end they are still together.

This means that Kat?! and John Henry got engaged! And from the looks of it from the video montage they are also doing really well! They are planning on moving to San Diego together.

Eliza and Aaron also got engaged, which I think everyone could have called. Unfortunately it is looking like they might be on the rocks as they didn't share any photo updates, just that they are working through things.

My Reaction to this season

One thing I really liked at the end of the episode is they did a montage that also included all of the previous couples from paradise. It is really cool to see all of the engagements, weddings, and babies that have came from this show. It makes sense too why the show works: you have the opportunity to hang out with them all day and get to talk to multiple people. It's not a 1 on 25 scenario where you only get a few minutes a week to talk.

As for this season, it was fine. Nothing like the Joe and Serena season that is for sure. I think they hurt themselves in two ways. The first was the time, I think that 9 - 11 we have seen doesn't work. People don't feel as invested to stay up and watch. Maybe the numbers did well on streaming but I feel like the Bachelor franchise does better when people are watching in real time and not the next day.

The second was being compared to the Golden Bachelor. People were in love with the concept of the Golden Bachelor, and to have the time be shorter episodes. Then you go to something you have already seen before I think people lost some interest.

Overall I thought they had some good people on the season, but the storylines didn't really follow them. We were watching a lot more of people we didn't really know but got to know in this season, where in the past they normally lean into the people who have made top 3 on their season. Like Rachel barely got screen time, and they gave most of it to people who made it only a couple of weeks on their season.

Interested to see how long the couples last.

Hopefully they can be one of these happy couples, but time will tell.

Upcoming Bachelor Dates

We are getting a small break on Bachelor content, but going to back in the new year! Starting January 4th we will have the Golden Bachelor wedding!! Then later in the month we have the new season of the Bachelor. Check out below for the trailer of the new season. Supposedly we are getting something we have never seen before...


Thanks for reading.


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