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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 - The Beach is Buzzing

It looks like Paradise is going to be moving real fast this season. We got not one, but two episodes to recap this week. And for the rest of October it seems like we are going to have a twofer.

The first episode starts off how we ended last week, with Victoria F joining the beach. As soon as she came down, all of the girls seem intimated that she was going to steal their man. The only person that really needed to be worried was Genevieve, as Victoria asked Justin to go on their date.

One thing I forgot about this show is the amount of time they waste showing the other person on the beach pouting. We got a good bit of Genevieve complaining that Justin was on the date and that she would have trouble going back to him if he was confused.

So I will save you the minutes there, as it is going to happen every episode where we have the person not on the data questioning their connection.

In the first episode, one other person on the beach got a date card. It was Shanae! She decided she wanted to take Logan on her date. It seems like they have a fine connection and most likely Logan will give Shanae his rose.

Back at the beach we had a new smooch. Michael A and Sierra kissed after having some time together. You know who didn't get a smooch was Romeo! He seem to have burned every bridge with the girls he was talking to on the beach. He even went in for a smooch with Brittany and was rejected.

The only other thing to note from the first episode was Wells elaborate story about Salley!

If you are not sure who Salley is, she was the one who went to Clayton before the first night and went back to her finance. According to Wells, a producer tried to get her to the beach, she packed a bag, checked in, and right before they were going to get on the plane Salley left. So there is a chance that Salley ends up on the beach so she can get her luggage.

To start off episode 2, there was some good drama with Justin and Genevieve. She was giving him a hard time being on the date and she wasn't happy that he came back a little conflicted. There was some other dram with Romeo, nothing worth getting into. Here is who got the roses:

Andrew gave Teddi a rose

Brandon gave Serene a rose

Michael A gave Sierra a rose

Logan gave Shanae a rose

Casey gave Brittany a rose (more like a friend rose from what I can see)

Jacob gave Lace a rose (more like fun people at the beach let's stay rose)

Justin decided to not rock the boat and gave Genevieve a rose

Johnny decided to be the shock of the night and gave Victoria F a rose

Romeo was last and gave Jill the rose to hopefully help mend things

Hailey, Hunter and Kira go home.

To give off the week with the girls having the roses, our favorite bromance joined the beach. Aaron and James came down the beach as a package deal and had a double date card. They decided to bring the least likely girls to get along on the beach, Aaron chose Genevieve and James chose Shanae!

From the looks of it, they had a great day together! Again back on the beach you have the pouty faces of Justin and Logan. From the looks of it, there is a solid shot that both of these girls chose the bromance over their current guys.

While the date was going on, a new couple joined the beach. A couple?! Famous alums Jared and Ashley I joined the beach to help show the people on the beach that this process works.

It seems like they did something, because after having a nice chat with them, Teddi out of all people is having second thoughts. She pulls Andrew over for a chat and tells him that this didn't work out. Teddi doesn't see this becoming more than it is. But Teddi pulled a fast one on the beach, she decided to Irish goodbye the beach. Didn't even tell her best girlfriends that she was leaving! Probably the biggest WOW from the week.

Oh, and Rodney showed up to the beach. We didn't see much from him so I think they are going to kick off next week seeing who Rodney chooses for a date.

After Episode Thoughts

4 hours is a lot of TV to have to commit to each week. I guess it is like football, but if 30 mins of the show isn't interesting, it feels like a force to be watching that much. That being said, with the double episode a week, it does feel like these relationships are going to move really quick. In a teaser episode we have Brandon saying he is falling for Serene and we see that happen next week?! So should be interesting to see everything play out but I thought they were good episodes. Excited to see more of the guys on the beach, I feel like it would be nice to see which girls they get to join the following week.


Thanks for reading.


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