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BWaB Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 - Split Week

The beach gets split in two! Jesse Palmer comes in during the day to let the paradise goers know the big news!!

But before we get into what happened during Split Week, we need to know who is still on the beach as we started this week with a rose ceremony.

The girls had the roses this week. For the most part, all roses seem to be locked up. The only rose that was up for grabs was Brittany. At the moment there were 6 people on the chopping block: Andrew, James, Justin, Michael A, Casey, and Pizza Pete. Before we could have a rose ceremony, one more girl came down to the beach to give out a rose. Danielle, from one of the older seasons, came down to the beach!

What was interesting about Danielle's arrival is she seem like a perfect fit for Michael A... Before she came down we were having a monologue of Michael A talking about how he might go home. But then the perfect girl came down right before he was about to head home.

Here is how the roses went:

Serene -> Brandon

Jill -> Jacob

Lace -> Rodney

Genevieve -> Aaron

Shane -> Logan

Victoria -> Johnny

Brittany -> Andrew

Danielle -> Michael

Both Pizza Pete and Casey self eliminated before the rose ceremony so just Justin and James were sent home at the rose ceremony.

Now the fun part! The split week announcement. Jesse Palmer tells the ladies that they have to leave the beach and the men will be staying with new girls. The new girls who are joining the beach are: Jessenia, Sarah, Kate, Eliza and Florence. All of these girls are from one of the recent Bachelor seasons except for Florence, she is from Bachelor: Australia.

The girls had to wait a bit in their new master suite at the Estates, but Jesse came in with some good news for them. They won't be only at these Estates as there are 5 men joining them! The men: Rick, Olu, Tyler, Alex and Adam. Rick and Olu were from Michelle's season, Tyler is from Gabby/Rachel's season, I missed where Alex is from, and Adam is also from Bachelorette Australia.

The whole point of this Split Week is to test their relationships to see how strong they are. Will their heads turn or will they end up staying true to their relationships?! From the looks of it, Brandon and Serene plus Aaron and Genevieve are staying strong so far. For the others, not so much. Here are some of the people I caught kiss:

Kate and Jacob

Eliza and Rodney

Brittany and Tyler

Shanae and Tyler

Sarah and Logan

Jessenia and Andrew

One thing to note, they didn't split up Michael A and Danielle. Split Week was announced while the two were out on a date. Just interesting the special treatment it seems they are giving Michael A.

To end the second episode of the week, Lace decides she wants to go back to the beach to see Rodney. She feels like they had something super strong and wants to see how he is doing during Split Week. While we are getting this voiceover, Rodney is smooching with Eliza on their date. So we end on a very awkward cliffhanger where Lace is waiting for him when he gets back to the beach after having an amazing time with Eliza.

After Episode Thoughts

For those who don't want Love Island, they stole Split Week from them. Every season there is a part in Love Island call Casa Amor, where the relationships get tested by new arrivals showing up. They took the same concept and just called it Split Week.

With that being said, it was an entertaining week! It added to the drama and the different storylines to follow. Kept you on the toes of who was committed to their beach relationship and who was willing to explore something during Split Week.

Coming out of Split Week, I think Brittany and Tyler become a strong couple and I think Rodney and Eliza become a strong couple. From the trailers it looked like the couples reunite next week, so should be interesting to see how everything plays out post Split Week.


Thanks for reading.


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