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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 4 - It's The Shanae Show

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts back at the cocktail party. Clayton wants to squash the shrimp and get to the bottom of the Elizabeth and Shanae drama. The conversation seems to go nowhere because Clayton walks away and cancels the cocktail party. At the end of the night, Elizabeth and two others end up going home.

For the new week, Jesse informs the girls that they will no longer be staying at the mansion and are going to travel around the world for the rest of the season. First stop Houston, Texas!

Rachel gets the first one on one date. She goes horse back riding and crashes a family BBQ with Clayton. Clayton used a lot of cringe worthy lines with here including "Do you do everything hot?" The two seems to have a pretty good connection. Rachel has the chance to make it to right before hometowns, or even hometowns.

The rest of the episode was focused on the big group date. 13 or 14 girls were on the date. It started as a friendly tailgate but then turned into the next Bachelor bowl, where the girls had to wear full pads and play tackle football.

There was this one girl, Marlena, who is an Olympic athlete, and she dominated the game. On the call for the game was Jesse Palmer for the play by play, and SportsCenter legend Hannah Storm. Shanae was on the losing team, so her and her teammates had to go back to the hotel. But that wasn't good enough for Shanae, as she crashed their after party. The tricky thing is, Clayton joined team Shanae again, and seems to be believing what she is saying over the other girls. It seems like Shanae is staying for another week.

The episode ends with Shanae throwing the winning trophy in the bushes and a crazy cliffhanger trailer. From how the episode was cut, it looks like Shanae is one of the people Clayton is intimate with. Time will tell but that would be a crazy development to the house!


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