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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 5 - We're going International

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The episode starts off with the second one-on-one date with Serene in Houston. They get a whole amusement park to themselves for the date. Clayton seems to like Serene, not the strongest relationship, but good enough to get the rose.

At the cocktail party, Clayton tries to get to the bottom of what is going on with Shanae and the girls. The key word is tried. In his mind, he was able to get Shanae to apologize and the girls seem to squash the beef. But then while Clayton and Shanae are making out we get a talking head of Shanae saying how she was acting and deserves an academy award for that apology. So she didn't mean what she said.

At the rose ceremony, three girls go home. One notable is the girl from Rhode Island. As a RI based media company, we were rooting for Jill to represent the state. Shanae gets the final rose and all of the girls were shocked again that she was getting a rose. After all of the roses, Clayton tells the girls that they are shipping off Canada!

In Toronto, Gabby gets the first one-on-one. They had a little date in the city, exploring by air and by foot. At the dinner portion we really got to know Gabby. There are times you are watching, and Clayton's questions seem scripted. But when he was talking to Gabby and they were talking about her, all of his questions and their conversation felt real. There seems to be a solid connection there, and from what they teased at the end of the episode, Gabby will stay around.

For the group date, everyone except Shanae and Genevieve get called, meaning those two are going on the dreaded two-on-one date. Here is a good recap of a two-on-one date.

There hasn't been a real two-on-one date since COVID, and I am excited for it. As you see from the recap, a normal two-on-one date is the two who are making the most drama in the house, or have the most beef. The goal is to hopefully end the beef with the dates and the rest of the season is about the relationships. My favorite part is, they normally do them in cool locations and then they will just leave the person who didn't get picked behind.

Back to the group date, it was a roast. Most of the girls took shots at Shanae, even though she wasn't on the date. I get why they wanted to, but not cool to make fun and talk shit about the one girl who couldn't come back with her own roast.

Girls we are liking from after the group date are Susie and Rachel. It is interesting, from what they are teasing it doesn't seem like either of them make it to the top 3, but that might be editing. It is hard to tell who Clayton is talking about when he said he fell in love with 3 women. My guess, Gabby is one of them. But you can be the judge, here was the teaser they put at the end of the episode:


Thanks for reading.

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