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BWaB Clayton's Season Week 8 - Hometowns in actual towns!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The group flies back from Europe to their respective hometowns! This is the first time we are in actual towns and actual family homes since Peter season, which feels like so long ago. Susie goes first. She lives in Virginia Beach. For their date, Susie takes Clayton to a Jujitsu class. Susie flexed on us that she learn the art of Jujitsu in Japan, and has been practicing since she has been back.

Of course there had to be something related to shrimp in Jujitsu and the producers played on it big time. Clayton got to meet a good amount of Susie's family plus some close friends. The dad seem to be elevator pitching his daughter to Clayton, normally the dad is trying to scare the lead a little. But he seem to be all about their relationship and how happy it made Susie. When Clayton talked to the mom he couldn't confirm that he was falling in love with Susie to her. When the mom heard that she told Susie just to proceed with caution, as that seem to be a big flag to her.

Gabby went next. She lives in Denver, Colorado. They went hiking for their day portion of the date. At the dinner, Gabby's dad was unfortunately unable to make it. Some personal stuff with COVID made it so he couldn't come and meet Clayton. But we had Gabby's grandfather who was a hit. Super genuine and he seem to like Clayton enough to give the approval. Before the night was over, the dad made a surprising appearance! He did the thing where you have cards written out and just stood far away to tell Gabby he loves her. The weirdest thing was he didn't say one word to her, or the producers just cut that part out. Gabby at the end finally shared she was falling in love!

Serene went third. I have said this before and I will say it again, you always put the weakest in the third position. You do it in a swim relay and you do it on hometown week. Serene lives in Oklahoma City. She took Clayton to this big obstacle course for a little adventure.

My reaction would be like Clayton's. I am all set with the heights type of dates. At the dinner part of the date, Clayton met the brother, mom and some other family members. Brother gave Clayton the ringer to start but then seem to like him. It was a nice hometown, but out of the 4 felt the shortest in time.

Rachel was last to go! She lives in Clermont, Florida. They started the day kayaking in alligator infested waters. Before Clayton goes to meet the family, Rachel tells Clayton that his dad is Italian, which I guess means super tough and hates every man Rachel brings home. I thought Italian just meant extremely good looking and does amazing Bach recaps.

The dinner with the family seems a little tense, but at the end of the night, Clayton gets the tap on the arm, which meant the dad was giving his blessing to Clayton. The rest of the family also seem to love him.

Before we get the rose ceremony, Clayton shares with Jesse that he is falling in love with all four of the women. It wasn't in love, but that is still the first time that a Bachelor has publicly shared his feelings about all of the women. At the rose ceremony, if you didn't guess in my teaser, Serene does not get a rose. Fantasy suite week is next week with Rachel, Susie and Gabby. There is so much to happen that we are getting two nights of episodes next week.

My predictions are that Rachel and Susie are our final two, if there is a final two. From the sounds and what we are seeing in the trailers, there is a good chance that everything blows up next week and we don't have a proposal. Exciting stuff and I will keep everyone updated on what happened next week!


Thanks for reading.


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