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BWaB Katie's Season Week 5 - Katie is Effortlessly Happy!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Blake joins the guys in the house. Ends up getting the one-on-one date on his first full day there. They go horseback riding! Blake and Katie have a super-strong connection. They had great banter and seem to have that initial attraction.

The group date was a mix of basketball and handball. Wells, the Bachelor in Paradise bartender, and Franco, the guy who took the wedding photos last season, led the date. Michael A ends up getting hurt because Hunter decided to lead the intensity in the date.

At the night part of the date, Hunter gets the rose. He showed Katie pictures of her kids, which I think is the reason he got the rose. Other people who had a good time with her at the date: Michael A, Greg, and Mike P.

Andrew S gets the second one-on-one. They ended up answering a bunch of different questions about themselves. Very cute date. At the dinner, they connected more about their similar upbringings and he got the group date rose.

At the cocktail party, Hunter tries to take some time to spend with Katie. The guys are pretty upset by that because he already has a rose and is taking time from other guys.

Three people go home! At the end of the episode, they teased the rest of the season and it was a really good teaser.

When they trail a teaser above, it means that all of the past drama is done and they are getting you to look forward to the new drama. Since they did this, I am going to share who I think is going to hometowns (I promise I haven't seen spoilers)


Who is going to hometowns?

Greg: I will be honest, Greg has been trending downwards for me over the past few weeks. I've never been in the situation where he is, having multiple guys date your girlfriend. But, at the same time, you don't see the other guys making as big of a deal as Greg does. He almost needs too much reassurance from Katie. Regardless, I think their connection is so strong that he goes to Hometowns.

Blake: After seeing Katie and Blake spend some alone time together, he is going to Hometowns. There is chemistry there and their relationship caught up to the others just after one date. Also, they wouldn't tease him so much in the trailer if he didn't make it to hometowns.

Andrew S.: Similar to Blake, after seeing Andrew S. and Katie have this date, I believe he makes it to Hometowns. That bond they have about their childhoods really brings them close. I do think Katie does like the guy as well.

Mike P.: This is a dark horse for Hometowns, but I think there is a little merit to it. There is always a guy who hasn't had a one-on-one until really late that normally makes Hometowns. I think it will be Mike P. There will be a breakthrough date that really brings them closer. Mike P. was also teased in the trailer a lot more than we have seen him this season.

People reading are probably thinking, would about Michael A. If you watch the trailer above, if I was a betting man, Michael A sends himself home. His son says something to him that was gut-wrenching to hear!


The Bach Bracket

We got a new leader this week! Commissioner Will takes a slight lead after this week's rose ceremony. As you can see, frontrunner Katy took a huge drop this week as she missed this week to fill out on the website. That was a tough one. With that being said, we have a bunch of different picks for who makes Hometowns this season, so there should be a massive shake-up in the leaderboard towards the end of this.


Thanks for reading.


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