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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 10 - The Winner is...

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The 3 hour episode was filmed live! Kaitlyn hosted by herself the live parts in the studio. The audience started with no masks on and then saw on Twitter that there was chatter so they masked up the audience mid show. Grocery Store Joe and Serena P plus Becca and Thomas were in the live audience.

Brandon and Nayte met the parents. This was Brandon's second time meeting the parents, and everything went great! The parents were all in on Team Brandon. Team Nayte, not so much. Nayte and the parents did not hit it off in Mexico.

Brandon and Michelle went jet skiing on their final date. To save you 20 minutes, Michelle tells Brandon that she is in love with him. So both Brandon and Nayte know that Michelle loves them, which is great but if we know anything from previous seasons, that will lead to a crazy hard breakup.

Nayte's date was something ritual. They kept professing their love love for each other during the date.

Jump to the next day, our favorite jeweler Neil Lane was there to pick out rings with the guys. It looked like Nayte and Brandon picked the same ring (the one on the left), which I thought was kind of funny. I guess they both really get Michelle to pick the same ring for her.

For me, the whole season comes down to who comes out of the vehicle first at the proposal location. Whoever comes out first is sadly the one who gets their heartbroken. For their final outfits, Brandon was wearing a nice blue suit and Nayte was wearing his classic black suit that he wore for most rose ceremonies. So whichever pant leg you catch first gives away that the other won. Watching live, it was the Blue pant leg that came out of the car, meaning Brandon was about to be broken up with Nayte is getting to propose.

Brandon's breakup was hard to watch. Even when he is going told no, he is still Michelle all he wants for is her happiness. He truly was in love with her and it is always hard to watch those.

As for the proposal, it was cute. It wasn't my favorite I have seen on this show but they will make each other super happy. They look great together!

The rest of the show was spent on talking with Brandon and then the happy couple. According to Nayte, he is going to move to Minnesota soon. If he does move there, I think they have a legit shot to stay together, because we have seen a lot of these long distant relationships not work in recent history.

All in all, Michelle's season was normal. There were no real twists to the show, and everything went how it normally should go. Some may say that is boring, but it was a nice change of pace compared to last few seasons we have had. I will say, I can't say I was super excited to watch each episode. It kind of felt like a chore to me. But not all chores are bad, just felt more like something I had to do rather than something I wanted to do.


After we were done with Michelle's season, Clayton came on the stage. They were trying to get use to be Team Clayton before the season airs. It was fine, nothing special. I am excited to see his season because they are actually traveling which will be a nice change, the jury is still out if he will be a good lead. Check out this clip to see all of the destinations you can pick out:


The Bach Bracket

Start spreading the news, Will got the win! Congrats guy. Well earned victory. Maybe next time do it by yourself and don't get your girlfriends help. The Bach Bracket will be back next season and hopefully we will get at least 10 people to play.


Thanks for reading.


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