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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 4 - The Guys Are Having TOO Much Fun

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: It's the first week where we have two one on one dates and only one group date. There are 14 guys left to start the week. Martin gets the first one on one. They go to the race track and drive in fast cars. Gets the rose. The group date was a slumber party where everyone were in PJs. At the date, Michelle felt the guys weren't there for her and felt no one was making an effort. The date also included some teddy bear fights. Olu got the group date rose. Rick gets the second one on one. They go in a gondola and go for a hike. We like Rick and so does Michelle, he gets the rose. At the cocktail party, Chris S throws Nayte under the bus. But doesn't seem to go anywhere as they both stay for another week. Three guys get sent home, and Michelle tells us they are leaving and going to start traveling! Check out the full rundown below:

First One on One

Martin gets the first one on one. Right at the beginning it gets brought up that Martin and Jamie were close. If you don't remember, Jamie was the drama that got sent home last week. This is something Michelle "has" on her mind that she wants to talk about with Martin. I air quoted has because it wasn't something on her mind in the moment. The talking head Michelle is doing is in a completely different outfit then what she was wearing on the date.

The day part of the date seem really cool! They got to drive and drift around in a BMW M3. During that part of the date everything seem to be going good. It wasn't until they got to the lukewarm tub that was in the garage where things took a little turn. Martin said that he is pretty blunt, and when he shared his thoughts about Jamie going home, it rubbed Michelle the wrong way.

But in the end, they were able to figure it out as they had a nice conversation at the night portion of the date and Martin was about to secure the rose!

Group Date

Everyone got to go on a date this week, and since there were two one on one's, 12 guys were going to be on this group date. Before the date started, each guy was giving a different pair of PJs to put on. Then Michelle came and told them they were going to do a slumber party.

At the slumber party, Michelle seemed off. She didn't love how the date was going. It seem like the guys were enjoying the date so much that they weren't making any small moments with her. The guys were playing games, chatting, doing this and that, but no one pulled Michelle aside to have her do it with them.

Even though Michelle was having a bad time at the date, the Bella twins showed up and added a twist to the slumber party. The guys were split into two teams, and they had these massive teddy bear fights, and if your team won you got to go to the cocktail party that night. It was a mediocre fight, and the team with Nayte, Clayton, Olu, and a few others got to go.

When they were at the cocktail party, Michelle told the guys that she was unhappy with how the day went. She specifically called out Nayte because she felt their connection was really strong and he did not put an effort.

Olu got really emotional at the night part, and made a connection with Michelle, and he was able to secure the group date rose.

Second One on One

Rick got the second one on one. The date started with taking a gondola ride up to the top of a mountain in Palm Springs, and walking around the woods up there. While they were up there, they found a wish box, and how the wish box works is they have to read of the wishes that are in the box first and then write their own. One wish that was in there was "I wish my dad could see the man I have become". I sadly think that was planted there and you will see why in a second. The wish really resonated with Rick because he shared that he lost his father three years ago.

In the night portion of the date, Rick elaborated some more about his relationship with his dad. I missed the timeline, but Rick caught a text message on his dad's phone that was from another woman. He held on the information for like a day, but ended up telling his mom that his dad was cheating. It really hurt the family, and Rick and his dad were never the same. Rick's dad ended up taking his own life and Rick throughout the whole thing felt guilty.

He ended up sharing a lot and Michelle seems to like him a good bit, so Rick got the rose.

Cocktail Party

Before Michelle is able to say anything, Chris S says that he needs to say something. He called out the whole group and said that people are saying that they have it in the bag. It rubbed all the guys the wrong way because he made a blanket statement about the guys to Michelle, when that was not the case. Chris S ended up talking to Michelle and he specifically threw out Nayte's name. Michelle tells Nayte and that he was pissed. Nayte and Chris S had a pointless conversation, and now all of the guys just hate Chris S. At the rose ceremony, here were who got roses:








Chris S.

Will, Romeo, and Chris G go home.

To end the night, Michelle tells us that she will no longer be at the hotel. She is going back to Minnesota, and that all of the guys are coming with her! This is the first time in 4 seasons that the group is going to travel!


Bach Bracket

I can't say I am loving how well Will is doing this season. Maybe if he did this well on his Football picks as he does on picking who will get roses, I wouldn't be down so much money.

This season is flying by! We are down to 11 guys and in the promo, they said that we are half way through the process. The leaderboard should have a nice shake up once we get to the final four, but at the moment things are close and it is still anyone's season to win!


Thanks for reading.


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