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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 5 - Off to Minnesota!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: The group heads to Michelle's home state Minnesota. 11 guys are left at the beginning of the week.

Joe gets the first one on one, which is so lame because he is the one who actually knows the state. Joe gets the rose after sharing his story with Michelle.

At the group date, the guys go to the Vikings stadium and pretend to be Vikings. The only thing to note from the group date was that they had to eat really weird stuff. Clayton gets the group date rose.

Nayte gets the second one on one. He and Michelle go boating on one of the lakes in Minnesota with two of her best friends. At the dinner part, Chris S shows up and then Michelle sends him home. Nayte gets the rose.

Rick, Olu, Brandon, Martin, and Rodney get roses at the rose ceremony, meaning LeRoy and Casey were sent home. Down to 8 guys.

I will be honest, there really isn't much more to break down from this episode. It was one of those episodes were we got to learn a little more about the frontrunners and filler for the rest of the episode. At the moment, Joe and Nayte are going to hometowns unless one of them says something that is an automatic red flag. The others I could see going to hometowns out of the 8 guys left are Rick, Brandon, and Clayton. Not sure who out of the 3 gets left out, but we will see. Here are some pics from this week's episode:

At the end of the episode, we did get a teaser for the rest of the season:


The Bach Bracket

Here is what the standings look like halfway through the season:

It is Will's season and we are just living in it.


Thanks for reading.


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