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BWaB Michelle's Season Week 6 - How are we already down to Four?!

Updated: May 19, 2022

Zoom Call Summary: Second week in Minnesota. There are eight guys to start the night: Clayton, Nayte, Joe, Olu, Martin, Rodney, Brandon and Rick. Clayton gets the first one-on-one. We finally get to see why the guy is so amazing!! Kinda. Michelle knows Clayton is not her person and he gets sent home. At the group date, Joe kills the farm portion of the date. Martin puts his foot in his mouth again and gets sent home. Nayte gets the group date rose as he said he is falling in love with Michelle. Brandon gets the second one-on-one and gets to go to Michelle's family home. Gets the rose as he also said he is falling in love with Michelle. No cocktail party (there were more no cocktail parties than cocktail parties this season). Joe and Rodney get the roses, so Rick and Olu get sent home. Our final four are Nayte, Joe, Rodney, and Brandon.

I am still not really sure how we got here so quickly. The pros about Michelle are: when she knows she doesn't like a man, she sends him home. But with that has led to this season going so quickly! The Bachelor producers haven't gave us full Bachelor weeks like this in a very long time, so it has been weird going week by week with everything happening. Normally we got left on cliff hangers and wouldn't get to the rose ceremony until the following week. I am a fan of a full week, but it has been hard to make the adjustment to going back to normal Bachelor weeks.

All that being said, I am going to change it up this week with the blog. Instead of giving a breakdown of the episode, pretty much told you all you needed to know in the summary, this week I am going to dig into two major topics: did the producers do enough to show us why Clayton is so great and has this season been a good one?


Clayton is the Next Bachelor

Something we have known before Michelle's season even aired was Clayton was going to be the next Bachelor. For some reason they decided to not choose anyone from Katie's season. They could have picked Michael A, Andrew S, Greg, or even Justin. But they really liked Clayton according to the rumors, so everyone, including myself had a close eye on him while watching this season.

I personally felt that a lot of the Clayton stuffed was forced. The producers realized they needed to show us why they choose him, which led to extra pressure to make him look good.

We didn't learn too much about Clayton during the first five weeks. I thought he was a good guy, but we didn't hear much about his story or see much of a connection between him and Michelle. This week he got a one-on-one, and it was good. It wasn't the best one-on-one. Michelle and him really did not have a connection as strong as her connection with the final four guys. But they had good conversation and had a mutual respect for each other. But the thing that felt really forced was adding the little kids into the mix. Let me explain. Since we are in Minnesota, where Michelle is from, Michelle's students came and picked the dates this week. The kids loved Clayton so much. He said he was their favorite, and when Clayton got sent home, the kids wrote him goodbye notes after knowing him for one day. All of it was really cringy to watch, and wish they didn't add the kids at the end because it just came off as trying too hard.

I think he will be a good Bachelor, but we know as much about him as we knew about Matt James before his season. Interested to see how he does and how his season is.


My Thoughts on the Season

I found this person on Instagram that gives in-depth data analysis on previous seasons and how they compare to this season. Something I find interesting is that Katie's season was shorter than what Michelle's season is going to be. But that being said, Michelle's has felt a lot quicker with their episodes.

Since Becca's season in 2018, we haven't had the normal format of the episode: two one-on-ones, a group date, and a cocktail party that leads to a rose ceremony. Every week so far, we have had that in Michelle's season, and I would be surprised if they changed from it for the rest of it.

As for Michelle, she has been a really good lead. She opens up to the guys, reassures the top guys that she is interested in them, and seems to be doing a good job juggling everything. From what it seems like, she will end with either Joe or Nayte and they will make it work.

At times the episodes have been boring, and I don't feel as connected to the guys as I did at this time in Katie's season. But looking back at the season, it has been a pretty solid season. The season really makes or breaks on hometowns and fantasy suites, so will give an update on the season after those episodes.


Bach Bracket

Everyone had Joe and Nayte making it to hometowns. It was pretty clear from the start that they were going to go far. Brandon was also not a shocker to make it to hometowns. It seem like they had a good first connection, and since then their connection has grown tremendously. Where people's bracket busted was Rodney. Rodney is a great guy, but I don't think people had him getting as far as he did. Should be interesting but I could see either any of the guys beside Joe going home next rose ceremony. Favorite Nayte has the chance to blow up with his family dynamic, but we will have to see next week!


Thanks for reading.


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