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BWaB The Bachelor Week 3 - Drama Gets Sent Home

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Zach is not playing this season. If you remember back to Matt James season, he let Queen Victoria stay at the hotel for maybe 3 rose ceremonies too long. He knew that she was drama and decided to let it happen. Zach is not dealing with that this season.

Wait, so who was the drama? You are about to find out! *cue intro theme music*

We start this episode by facetiming our most recent success story from The Bachelor franchise, Sean Lowe. Zach is giving him a recap of what has happened so far, and that was it.

While the facetime is going on, we cut to the mansion where we learn about the dates. Everyone is getting a date this week. 2 one-on-ones and a massive group date. The first one-on-one is going to Kaity.

Kaity's One-on-One

Kaity has to wait the full day for her date, because her date won't be until the night. Zach gets the keys to the Natural History Museum and they get to have a romantic evening in the Museum.

I will say, this date reminded me why I like this show. During the date you felt like you watched a genuine connection form between the two. They had a normal conversation, and you could tell they were clicking. I also might be biased on this girl, but I have Kaity as my frontrunner.

The BIG twist of the night was, Zach asked Kaity if she would like to sleepover in the Museum with him. A literal Night in the Museum.

I don't know if we have ever had a sleepover on week 3. To get that much alone time without the cameras is a huge leg up for their relationship. They probably got to talk about a lot and if they are still into each other, it is hard to see the other connections catch up to theirs.

The Group Date aka The date they recycle season after season

Maybe because Jess Palmer is now the host they are making sure to do this date, but we had our 5th version of the Bachelor Bowl. If you forget what is the Bachelor Bowl, it is full tackle football. Even the Pro Bowl isn't doing full tackle football because they know it is a dumb idea.

For the head coaches they got two Charger legends, one being Antonio Gates. Would love to know how much they got to get the 5 seconds of fame.

Hannah Storm from ESPN joined Jesse in the fake booth to give the play by play of the game. From the looks of it, it was a pretty boring game to watch.

The Blue-Zachs won the game and got some extra alone time at the after party. The yellow weird name got sent home early.

*Drama alert. Two drama related things happened at the after party. The first was Bailey. Bailey felt like they had a strong connection at the start, but over the past week it has fizzled. She shared that with Zach, and he was like, yeah same. I think she was expecting him to fight for her, but Zach agreed things had stalled and they should end the relationship. Bailey goes home.

The second thing was Christina Mandrell. Christina kept comparing everything to her one-on-one and at this moment only two people have had those dates. So her to keep brining it up was rubbing people the wrong way. It felt like she was bragging to the girls. Please note that will come up again later in the episode.

Aly's One-on-One

Aly got the second one-on-one. She is the one you have seen jumping out of a plane in all of the teaser videos for this season. Aly and Zach go skydiving, then to a winery to sit in a random hot tub, and then had a nice dinner at a old hotel. They seem like to hit it off, and had a really nice date. I think they will have a good connection, could see her going home right before hometowns.

The Cocktail (Pool) Party

Zach decided to do a pool party with the girls instead of a cocktail party. A couple of girls I caught who are building strong connections with him: Ariel and Jess. Wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets a one-on-one. The biggest drama of the night comes from America's rose Brianna. She has decided to leave the show because her connection isn't strong, and feels like this environment isn't for her. Before she leaves she decides to share with Zach that Christina Mandrell is causing problems.

Zach does his rounds to understand what is actually going on. So will she stay?





Genevieve (wearing a sling and we don't know why)








Christina does not get the rose and she gets sent home. This is the second season where we had the person who got the first one-on-one go home very soon after. I guess the first one-on-one is not a guarantee hometown date anymore.

Looks like the producers are all set with LA as next week's trailer shows that we are in the Bahamas!


Thanks for reading.


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