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BWaB The Bachelor Week 1 - Wait, we're back?!

Well that snuck up! This week was the season premiere of Zach's season of the Bachelor. For those who might forget, Zach was on Gabby and Rachel's season, he is the won who pursued Rachel and got 3rd in her group. He also has the famous actor uncle!

The season started off with bringing back a Bachelor alumni to tell him the ways. They went pretty far in the archives on this one, as they got Sean Lowe to come back to chat with Zach. Sean is one of the few remaining Bachelors that is still with the woman he chose. I guess they are trying to say this season will be similar to Sean's season by brining him back, idk. Great to see Sean though because he was a great Bachelor.

The rest of the episode was bios and night one, so will try to highlight things I caught. Normally things that you catch on night one doesn't mean too much, except who gets the first impression rose.

Weird Limo Entrances

From what I saw there wasn't too many crazy limo entrances this season. We had a pig and there was a party bus, but the weirdest one was this one girl licked Zach's neck... Then she said "I licked it, so now it's mine." Bruh, what you doing.

Zach did also kiss one of the girls right off the bat because he felt bad that he forgot the girl's name on the live show. Chivalry isn't dead I guess!

Notable Girls to Watch

Like I mentioned, it is hard to say who is actually going to go far based off the first night, but I caught a few names where they had a good connection and kissed the first night.

- Catherine had a nice chat

- Kaity got a good kiss and a nice chat

- Charity got a kiss. Charity I believe was the one who got America's vote, so nice that they talked again during the night

- Jess got a kiss

- Greer got the first impression rose. They had a very nice chat and from what we saying on camera, a nicer kiss. Even though Greer got the first impression rose, I was having trouble catching her in the teaser trailer.

The only other thing to note from night one was Madison. Madison took Zach for a chat not once, but twice, made the poor guy griddy, and got a peck. But she was upset she didn't get a smooch and started crying about it. Zach decided to send her home because he was not seeing it with this girl. It will be interesting to see how Zach plays it moving forward because that was the only girl showing drama on night one and now she is gone.

Who got a rose?

Here are the ladies that received a rose:

Christina Mandrell















Victoria J



Jeez, this is going to be a tough season of spelling. I guess we are in the age of parents just saying YOLO to proper spelling of names.

From what I caught, I believe 7 girls plus Madison got sent home. Down to 22.

Teaser of the Season

For my readers who went abroad, try to tell me which Europe landmarks you see. Share in the comments below!

From what I could see, it looks like we are going to London, maybe Prague, somewhere warm, and somewhere tropical. I didn't try to hard to follow the faces in the more destination locations, as that means those people made it farther, but if you catch someone please let me know.

Overall Thoughts

Like I mentioned at the start of this, the season really snuck up on us. For whatever reason it seem like there wasn't much press down on this season. Just all of a sudden it was on.

I am biased because of the name but I like Zach. I think that he will be a good Bachelor. I don't think he will let much BS happen, which the viewers won't love because that is not entertaining, but I am looking forward to watching his journey. My thoughts might change next week lol, time will tell.


Thanks for reading.


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