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BWaB The Bachelor Week 10 - The Grand Finale

Now that is how you end a season! At the end, we have crazy twists, an unexpected story of the night, and love! This year's winner of the Bachelor is...

Kelsey A! In a surprising ending, Kelsey is Joey's final rose. This whole season it seem like Daisy was going to be the favorite, but this episode it felt like the tides were turning. Both meeting of the families went great! The parents seem to love both women.

When they met Kelsey, the family could see the connection they had. They made a few comments about how they looked together and stuff like that, which was starting to tease that she could be the one.

The real kicker was during the final dates.

The words of affirmation that Joey was giving Daisy vs giving Kelsey made it seem like she Kelsey was winning. But the big twist, which had my jaw on the floor, was Daisy's actions on the final day. She went to Kelsey's room and asked if they could talk, and from that conversation Daisy knew that Kelsey was the one.

They even rode in the car together to the proposal site! All in all it felt very mature, and the crying scene was for Daisy leaving. Joey got emotional and they used that to tease something big was happening. Daisy was also very mature for saying this:

The whole finale was all love and happiness that two people found the right person. Just felt like a different finale than what we have seen in the past, which is why I think this season was a great one!

To the proposal, it was super sweet and what made it better is you got Kelsey's dad in the corner box sobbing!

Incredibly sweet! And the reunion there was no bad blood between the three of them. They all want nothing but the best for each other, which was great to see!

The Next Bachelorette

Since Daisy wasn't the winner, I think everyone thought that she was the clear favorite to get it. She decided to turn it out. Her reasoning was she felt that this past year has been a lot, and isn't ready to fully commit to finding love at the moment.

So then is the next bachelorette Maria???

In a final surprise of the night, they went with Jenn! I think she will be good, but the popular vote would have been Maria or Daisy, so it is interesting Jenn got the job. But curious what you think in the comments!

Please note, this is my final blog for Bachelor With a Bro. Want to thank Will and Jake for giving me this incredible opportunity to write about a show that I enjoy watching. It has been a crazy four years with the COVID years to the first Golden Bachelor, to watching Joey's season revive this franchise. Thank you to anyone who read and a big thank you to anyone who came back week after week to catch up on what was going on with the show.


Thanks for reading.


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