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BWaB: The Bachelor Week 2 - Let The Journey Begin!

Updated: Jan 31

It looks like this season is going to have a theme running throughout; tennis! We start this week with Joey giving Jesse Palmer a tennis lesson while Jesse Palmer gives Joey a lesson on the journey of a Bachelor. After this scene, it is shared that there will be two group dates, and one incredible one on one date.

Group Date 1 - The Wedding Reception

9 girls get to go on this date. Before they leave the mansion, they have to get changed into their outfits for the day, which are wedding gowns. During the day they do classic wedding reception things like cutting the cake and mingling with guests.

We even got some musical chairs on who got to sit next to Joey.

Two names to remember from this date: Rachel and Jess. Rachel received the first dance prize, which allowed her to get a slow dance with Joey to Michael Bolton. Jess got the first group date rose. If that name sounds familiar, she was telling everyone that she got the first kiss on night one. Someone is working with a target on their back.

One on One

Daisy got the first one on one!

Looking back at previous seasons, this a good sign for Daisy! Most contestants who get the first date tend to make it pretty far in the season. I don't know how she won't; they were clicking on all fronts!

Joey and Daisy had an interesting date, at least for Daisy. By now we are aware of the cochlear implant, but Joey isn't and he takes her two places that add some drama. The first is in the helicopter and the second is a music festival. Producers were playing chess on this date.

During the night portion of the date, Daisy shared with Joey about her health and growing up, and look at this back and forth.

If there were any betting odds on Daisy, I would put her -500 to win the chip! We are biased as she is the only one to get the one on one, so the line might chain throughout the season.

Group Date 2 - Bachelor Bootcamp

This date had 10 women, so two did not get to go on a date. The 10 women were surprised by Jubilee and Demi from former seasons of the Bachelor. They led a boot camp of sorts, and then there was a confusing game of capture the flag. The Blue team ended up winning, and normally when teams get split up the winning team gets to have the night with the lead. This time was different, Joey only picked one person from the winning team to have a conversation with. He chose Edwina and they hit it off. Edwina got the rose, sending home Taylor, Erika, and Marlena.

Rose Ceremony

Admittedly, I am still not catching all of the names, but here are the ones I saw:



Kelsey A

Kelsey R









Based on the trailers for next week, I think Sydney and Maria will be the main focus of drama. Maria is interesting because Joey has shared he is really into Maria, so whatever happens next week is bound to affect their relationship.


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