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BWaB The Bachelor Week 8 - Suites de Fantasía

The end of Joey's journey is happening in beautiful Tulum, Mexico. Here they are staying at a fancy Secrets hotel to get us to our final rose! The order of the fantasy suites are Rachel, Kelsey and then Daisy. According to the data

it is not looking good for Rachel. Full recap of their dates below!

Rachel's Fantasy Suite

Rachel gets the first fantasy suite, and like the data says, it is not looking good for her. This whole season we haven't seen too much of Rachel's journey. We know that she has been cheated on in past relationships, but it seems like they have cut a good portion of their journey. Could be because she is heading out the door this round.

Before Rachel can go on her date, she gets a visit from Susan from the Golden Bachelor. A new twist to the week is that each lady gets a visit from a lady from the Golden Bachelor. Susan's main advice to Rachel is to let her guard down.

Rachel and Joey go cave jumping. It seems like it is a fun, light hearted date, but it took a turn for possibly the worst. Rachel nailed her jaw on one of the jumps to the point it seem like it was broken. They went to the hospital, which is probably an interesting sight to see, and confirmed that she was all good.

During the overnight it seem like it went well! Supposedly Rachel said the l word off camera to Joey, and it seem like they had a good night together. It seems like she did let her guard down.

Kelsey's Fantasy Suite

Kelsey probably got the best and the worst person from the Golden Bachelor to have a conversation with. Leslie, who got second on Gerry's season, came to see Kelsey. What was interesting is they were similar in many ways and were connecting really well. But then Leslie put doubt in Kelsey's head about not fully committing to thinking you are the one.

Kelsey got the boat and snorkeling date. They got to see sting rays and enjoy the beautiful waters of Tulum.

The photo says it all, it seems like Kelsey has a real shot with getting the final rose. Daisy has been a far frontrunner this whole time, but Kelsey's fantasy suite probably got her pretty close to the winner. But like I said, Kelsey is now giving herself doubt and decides at the very end to give Joey a note saying they need to talk. We don't know what happens but that would be a twist if she leaves.

Daisy's Fantasy Suite

Daisy gets the lovely Sandra for her Golden Bachelor lady. She was super sweet and her notes were to have fun and let her hair down. Not sure if that was fully the message Daisy needed but it's what she got.

Daisy and Joey went ATVing, which out of the three dates seem the least fun. But they made the most of it. The second meme says it all here.

Daisy and Joey both say that they are falling in love. I think at this moment Daisy still has the edge, and if the conversation with Kelsey doesn't go well, I think Daisy wins it all!

As for the big twist that they showed in the trailer about Joey being shocked at the final proposal site, I think I know what it is. My guess is that Charity comes to the proposal site to have one last talk with Joey, make sure that he is okay and can put his past feelings of her aside so he can propose. Would be a crazy shock if true! Next week it looks like we have the Women Tell All and from the sneak peak we got, it seems like a snooze fest.


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