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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 1 - Good, Standard Start to the Season

After a few short months we are back with a new season of the Bachelorette. The season started off with a new, never before seen twist, with the show now starting at 9 instead of 8.

The season felt like we jumped right into it. Got a little background of Charity's hometown in Georgia, where we had a nice conversation between her and her brother Nehemin. Nehemin is important to remember for later.

But after we get the clip of Charity we go straight into night one and limos arriving! Instead of doing the clips of the men before they met Charity, the intro clip when they went to introduce themselves to her. I think it was a smart move because I do feel like I actually remembered a few names watching it this way. Here are the notes I had and the little gimmicks I thought were worth noting:

Aaron B - flipped a coin, probably a one sided coin, that said they were going to get engaged if it landed on heads.

Josh - Made Charity put her hand on his heart

Joey - Brother a mating flower from Hawaii

Warwick - Gave Charity a ticket to somewhere because his parents met on a flight

Xavier - Is a biomed student (seem like Charity had a preference on getting more suitors in the medical field to match her)

Caleb - Brought out a stethoscope to have Charity listen to his heart

Khalid - NtN (Nothing to Note)

Nick - NtN

John Henry - A commercial diver

Aaron S - Blew a wish on a candle

Tanner - Wave a Tanner towel, like a Terrible Towel but with his name on it

Chris - Professional jumper. Maybe did 10 back flips throughout the episode

Brayden - Shot

Spencer - Wanted Charity to kick him in the nuts

Caleb B - Pro Wrestler

Joe - NtN

Adrian - NtN

James - Parents write Charity a hand written note

Michael - Bracelet

Taylor - Created a video for their kids

Sean - Donated a massive check of his heart

John - Fortune cookie and in it said she would fall in love with a John

Dotun - NtN

It might have been because of the rain, but there were no crazy vehicle entrances. Overall I thought the entrances were clever, and they felt more memorable because we also learned about the men and their intros while their limo entrance was happening.

But before Charity could go in, she gets one surprise she wasn't expecting. Her brother Nehemin comes to give her a quick pep talk before meeting all the men. Or so she thinks! Nehemin is also there to listen to the men undercover to see what the guys will say around him, see if he catches any potential red flags.

Overall it seem like Charity had a good night! She had good conversations with the men, and she even got a few smooches. The first kiss went to Xavier, but also caught that she gave John, Aaron B, and Brayden a kiss. But before Charity gives out the first impression rose, Nehemin reveals who he is and they have a quick chat.

Nehemin shares that he felt Brayden got a little cocky after their first kiss. So Charity wanted to get to the bottom of this. Brayden states it wasn't cockiness but more giddiness that the first conversation went so well. Charity believed what he was saying so much that Brayden gets the first impression rose!

Jumping straight to the rose ceremony we had a good amount of guys go home. Chris, Joe, Caleb A, Khalid, Nick, Peter, and Taylor all get sent home. From my calculations we have 18 men going into the rest of the season. That seems low compared to the other seasons, as Charity only got 25 men for her season where in the past its been closer to 30 people. Not sure if there is a reason for it.

Excited to see how this season goes. I do think the hour later will have less people watching the show live, but will be interesting to see if this is a pretty talked about season or it keeps the trend of viewership declining for the show.


Thanks for reading.

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