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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 3 - Who is losing their rose?!

The teaser going into this week was that someone was losing their rose! Charity was going to give someone a rose during the week but it seem like she might take it back. So does it happened?! Before we get there we need to know what happens at the start of the week...

With the beach and the water in the background, you might be guessing where are we? The group has moved out of the house and are on their way to Oceanside, California. To start this week we are already down to 14 men. Not sure if they had a shorter filming time for this season, or Charity shared she wants to have a smaller group, but seems interesting to be in the mid teens by week 3.

For the ride to Oceanside, Charity is going to take someone to join her in the helicopter to Oceanside. Brayden gets the first 1x1.

Brayden's 1x1

Brayden and Charity head in her red mustang up the hill to a helicopter pad where they take it over to San Diego. They end up landing in Petco Park, the stadium of the San Diego Padres. For the day Charity and Brayden have the park to themselves. They get to spend the day in the outfield and even have their dinner there.

During the date Charity gives the viewer a few talking heads where she is worried about Brayden's comments from last week. He said that he potentially wanted to pack his bags. On this date though, Brayden reconfirmed to Charity that he wanted to be her and wanted to keep progressing their relationship. Whatever he said was good enough as he got the rose.

The Group Date

Everyone except Warwick go on the group date. It is Barbie theme, for the new movie that is coming out in a couple of weeks. I guess in the Barbie movie, Ken creates a song for Barbie, so that is what the date it.

Jordan and Jojo host the concert competition! It is nice to see Jordan and Jojo, they have become strong TV personalities and I think they do a good job hosting these types of dates.

Each guy gets dressed up as a different Ken. The two that are worth noting from their performance were Caleb and Sean. Caleb could actually sing and probably gave the best concert performance. Sean wasn't that good but he got the crowd into it and gave Charity and big kiss during his concert. The kissed sealed the win and Sean got some extra time with charity before the night portion.

At the night portion of the date, Sean kept his Ken energy and came into the guys area very cocky. He doubled down and stole Charity first before any of the other guys could speak with her. Some of the guys were not happy with those actions and probably going to lead to some drama.

Even though Sean thought he was the big winner this group date, Dotun got the group date rose because he shared some personal details with Charity and really opened up.

Warwick's 1x1

This looked like a really fun date! They went to Belmont Park, which had a lot of rides and games to play. But the producers gave us a nice edit that really showed how awkward and quiet the date was.

Warwick did not get the rose and was sent home.

Cocktail Party

It wouldn't be another cocktail party without someone sharing their reservations about Brayden. Aaron B was the one to share his thoughts this time. He shared that Brayden doesn't want to be dating someone who is dating 20 of his friends. I don't know which producer got Brayden to join the show, but they must have not shared exactly what this show is about.

So did Brayden end up losing his rose?

No he stays another week. But the teaser for next week makes us think Charity might regret that decision. Roses:

Aaron B








Aaron S, James, and Adrian go home. Think I got everyone, which means we are already down to 10. Interested to see if we keep losing a few each week or if the number of men leaving slows down.


Thanks for reading.


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