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BWaB The Bachelorette Week 8 - The Men Tell All

The Men Tell All are always interesting! These are the episodes that get the least amount of love on social media. I can see why: a lot of time seems like it gets filled with random bits, the drama isn't really there, and we have to listen to guys bicker about things we don't really care about. With that being said there, here are some highlights from this Men Tell All...


The biggest thing I learned about the men this Tell All was this social media post called FP. If you go to a lot of the guys cast photos they posted on social media, at the very end of them said FP. It was some kind of inside joke, but what did it mean? There was a guy from night one, Pete, who I guess left a sour taste in the guys mouth. They disliked him so much they needed to create this f*** Pete on their photos.

Very pointless by the guys but at least made this Tell All somewhat interesting for a few minutes with this new information.


Brayden was the big talk of the town this season. He seem to be the guy the men disliked the most, and things were hashed out during the Tell All. Brayden shared that he felt he was pretty close with the guys so he was taken aback from seeing the guys interviews when he watched the show. Surprised they were talking behind his back when they couldn't say it to his face.

The guys in return used the words that Brayden was saying on the show and stating that it was wrong for him to say that. I do think some of the guys were coming at him to get their bit for paradise.

But all seems to have worked out for Brayden because we got a clip from Paradise of him on the beach and making a connection with Kat from Zach's season. It is interesting but we haven't heard when Bachelor in Paradise will air this year. With Gerry and the Golden Bachelor coming in September, it might have bumped paradise out a bit.


The only person that we got to watch have a conversation with Charity during the Tell All was Xavier. Xavier overall was pretty apologetic of his choice of words during their discussion. Charity was giving what everyone on social media was sharing last week, he should have 1. told her earlier about this and 2. when she said would you do it again, it should have been a hard no.

At the end Xavier gave her a knit rose, which I guess was cute and if I had to guess Xavier was trying to make a bid to get to the beach. We didn't get a full trailer of Paradise so don't know who is going to be down there, but could see Xavier getting invited down there.

Gerry the Golden Bachelor Interview

Since they had plenty of time to fill, they brought on Gerry the first Golden Bachelor to have an interview with Jesse Palmer. I will say this was probably the best portion of the episode as the tone of this show feels very different than what we are currently seeing in Bachelor on Bachelorette.

This video was very emotional and super heartfelt. I think Gerry is just looking for someone to spend the rest of his time with and have a fun companion. I am hopeful that is what the contestants are looking for as well and it works out.

One thing I am interested to see is how do they pick his contestants. Since Gerry is from the Midwest, I don't think he would move for a woman since all of his family is there. So would a contestant move to him? Or they already local women who it wouldn't be that big of a deal location wise? It will be interesting to see and excited to see how the first week plays out in this show.

We got the live 3 hour finale next week. Who knows what is going to happen! My guess is this: Aaron gets sent home right away. Aaron gets a quick interview with Jess Palmer. Joey and Dotun meet Charity's family. Family seems to like Joey a little more. Something at the final date scares Charity with both men. Charity sends Joey home before making him go to the final location. Dotun is the winner. But are they still together I am unsure about that? My gut is saying no but I wonder why they are no longer together?

Let's see if I am right!


Thanks for reading.


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